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  1. depends on the shop =- but you can do cashback on a credit card - i've doen it a few times
  2. My car is currently Sorn - done whilst I was serving a 3 month ban. Ban has now ended. I need to get an MOT as it ran out whilst i was banned. I cannot get Tax without a valid MOT certificate, so am I allowed to drive (Or Tow?) the car to the garage for its MOT? All answers thankfully received! Up the Mariners!
  3. I received my refund last year - since then Yorkshire Bank have done everything possible to make my life hell! Refusing to refund charges that have since been levied on my account even if it their error.. Reported a fraudulent transaction on my account on tuesday morning, they ignored it and i have in the last 3 days incurred £300 worth of charges! Be warned! They treat me with contempt now, and are not prepered to help me in any way shape or form, its almost as if they've put a marker on my account!
  4. nothing you can do paypal aren't regulated by UK law Google the phrase "nomorepaypal" and you'll find a site that is dedicated to bringing paypal down, they also have advice on situations such as yours
  5. Debenhams have broken the law just by speaking to them without an adult their!
  6. You have a policeman willing to stand up in court and say that you did no damage? And you're still worried? If I were you i'd be looking forward to the court date so you can make the judge ****ed off for time wasting, and you'll get to see your neighbours face when he loses and gets told to pay costs!
  7. sorry mate, but when yo uagreed to tehir t&C's you agreed that they could do this without having to provide a reason or explanation. Its a paypal trick. You have no chance of getting your cash back, and i'd advise you to bite the bullet. THey're not even a UK company so you can't take them to court!
  8. If they're offering half then they blatantly know that they are in the wrong. Tell them you expect it fixed free of charge by the weekend or yuor next step will be to see them in court. Be strong when you say this, don't falter, and they should back down. If they sense you don't mean it or don't know what you're talking about then they'll just tell you were to go.
  9. End of the day he's blackmailing you. If your mates and family see it is not in question - what he is saying is do this or i'll post it online - that is BLACKMAIL Don't let the old bill fob you off!
  10. had insomnia for years, started during my GCSE's at 16, i'm now 28. I find a couple of spliffs before bedtime helps me sleep - out like a light as soon as i touch the pillow
  11. they will do soon believe me - thats why i ended up in court with them, as i refused to plug the 2nd box into the phone line, and then refused to pay a full subscription for EACH box that I had.
  12. I took Sky to court last year and lost heavily. It was all to do with charging me twice as i had two boxes in two different rooms. I ended up with a refund, but lost the case itself. I got the refund as a goodwill gesture from sky. My advice - buy yourself a few "Magic Eyes" from Ebay @ £2 each, then use them in each of the rooms, you wouldn't even need the boxes then, and could probably make a small profit by selling the unwanted sky boxes on ebay.
  13. I can confirm success and the thread needs moving. The branch manager has now left, she was a total nightmare, and wouldn't know what "customer Service skills" were if they ran up and smacked her in the face! A person that used to work in my branch has now retured and is helping the new manager - both of these people are fantastic. They have even put my accounts on "waive" which means their computers automatically ignore my accounts and don't put any charges on to them.
  14. My take on this is that the judge merely agreed with lloyds that it wasn't a penalty charge, and some of the fee, could be used to service the account. If thats the case why are accounts marketed as free banking? Surely Llyods have misold the account if this is the case?
  15. Does anyone have a template for the letter to send? Or can point me in the right direction? I won and recieved back my charges for the last 6 years a few months ago, now i want to take them for the rest too. Unsure of what letter should be sent in the first instance. The bank said i should be asking for a breakdown of charges as yorkshire bank don't keep statments for longer than 7 years?
  16. yeah same question as Jeccle - is there a template for us guys that have already had a refund yet now want to go beyond the 6 years?
  17. there is actually a website dedicated to closing down paypal, it goes under the sudaname "Nomorepaypal.com" but you have to click into the site through a search engine for some reason
  18. 3 months ago they settled out of court and refunded me £2k. Today they've charged me a total of £110 over two accounts in charges. Before i call the branch can anyone foffer me any advice on what i should say? Or should i contact Head Ofice, and if so where will i find the phone number on this site? thanks in advance
  19. EBay and Paypal is the same compnay Google the phrase "no more paypal.com" and check out the dedicated website to closing down Paypal because of fraudulent actvities.
  20. as i work for Dun & Bradstreet i suggest you take what Graydons say with the smallest pinch of salt!
  21. Only 2 months into a 12 month warranty (warranty with Ford, not the dealer)
  22. Being driven donw motorway this morning. Came off at slip road and pulled into car park, less than 20 yards from the motorway it was travelling down. As it pulls into the carpark the stearing goes and brakes have to be slammed on. Reg Vardy (Reading) who sold me the car, brand new, 2 months ago, have collected after much arguing and threats of legal action. They have just phoned to say its a manufacturing fault, one of the blots on the sterering fluid pipe hadn't been tightened sufficently. The driver wants to knw if they can make a claim for emotional distress and loss of ear
  23. Would this work with transfering money from account to account by internet banking? Would it do all of the above if the accounts were with the same bank but were still seperate accounts?
  24. The whole point of sending these letters giving the bank time to refund you, needs to be shown in court, correct? WHat is the legal term for this? For having given them every oppurtunity to refund before it got to court proceedings?
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