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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019.

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  2. This topic was closed on 03/07/19.

    If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there.

    If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened.

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  3. Hi, I had a Yorkshire Bank Gold Card Credit Card that I got behind on and they sold the debt to Marlin FS. I've been paying Marlin every month, never missed a payment etc as per the agreed arrangement.


    I've had a look at my credit record and was concered to see that both Yorkshire and Marlin are recording the debt. So one debt being recorded as two debts.


    How do I get this stopped? If Yorkshire Bank sold the debt surely they should be showing it as settled? They are recording it as a missed payment every month on my credi file but Marlin are recording it as default every month yet i'm paying on time as per the terms of their payment plan?


    Can anyone advise?

  4. I've been paying these guys for a BT debt, for over two years and there is still some way to go. However they haven't taken the direct debit for two months now and their site is down and none of the phone number I have work anymore.


    Does any one know if they're now called someone else?

    If they bought the debt from BT and then have gone bust, do I owe anyone money still?

    Does anyone have a contact telephone number for them please?

  5. My employer has recently decided to change the holiday entitlement yearly period to the normal Jan - Dec 25 days. previously it was 25 days from April to April.


    However, because of the changes they have told us that our allowance pro rata for this year, will now be less (works out at 16 days), as it will be end of year in December not April.


    So I'm 8 days over my "new" allowance and have been told I need to pay back one day per month from sept to Dec, and then they will take the other 3.5 days from next years allowance. This is costing me nearly £100 per month, that i cannot afford.


    My question is, can they do this? Do I have to pay it back? this is their decision and they ahven't offered any goodwill gesture, they've just "told" us that we have to pay back or lose it out of next years allowance?? Any advice greatly appreciated?




    Moantime -

    i seem to pay something off then another debt rears its head. I got a pay rise followed the next day by a letter from HMRC saying I owe tax which they're taking direct form my salary. I book a holiday and now this happens? End of my tether! Just when you think u can see the light at the end of the tunnel....

  6. Despite the on screen message telling me that they wouldn't take any fee from my account they have taken it. My screen said they had a £5k loan for me and gave all the repayment details, they then said we need your card details to take you to the next stage where you can accept out offer - still saying "We will not take any money form your account until your loan funds are deposited in your account."


    When i got through to the next screen they offered me £1k payday loan, and less than 10mins later they have taken £49.99 out of my account. (Not that my bank should have let them as I had no funds available)


    I have researched this company and its subsidiaries, I have spoken to the managed offices that they rent and no one has seen any employees or the managers for months.


    My bank - Yorkshire bank are saying this is my fault and they won't do anything about it, yet on here I similar stories and RBS are helping them out??


    Can anyone help?

  7. I've got my charges statement back from the Student Loans company, but I'm struggling to find a template for the next letter i send asking for a refund?


    Can anyone help me, by cutting & pasting a copy of the first letter you send to them, asking for the money back? People keep posting me links on other threads but they aren't sending me to the right letter?

  8. Hi


    I used this forum successfully a couple of years ago to win nearly £3k in bank charges form Yorkshire bank, and now I'm gunning for HSBC's PPI on my partners loan. I was sat with her when she negotiated the loan and the lady almost certainly misold her the PPI including somehting along the lines of she wasn't going to give her the loan unless she took the PPI!


    I'm struggling to navigate the forum at the minute, a bit rusty! Can anyone provide me with a link for the first letter I send asking for details of the APR, interest, PPI payments, etc?


    Thanks in advance

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Hi sorry to be a pain but how do i work out how much they owe me with interest??


    Egg Loan for £5k. PPI was £2031.85 on top of that, loan is for 7 years and the APR is 7.66%


    I've got the letter completed printed and ready to be sent but I can't work out how much they owe me. Any help greatly appreciated!


    Tried to use the calculator provided on here but what the hell is "Monthly Int.%" ???

  10. Being made redundant as Business Development Manager for a company involved in construction. Let me point out they are cash rich, making a profit, and are not being affected by the credit crunch. Oh and I am the only person out of 350 employees who is being made redundant!


    The year before I joined, my department made a loss of £6ok, since i took over and with the addition of my salary and a n others, we made a loss of £20k this year. A significant improvment you might say!?


    The reasons for making me redundant are that they are merging my department and another department together, thus doubling my workload and my yearly target/budget. They are making me (Bus. Develop Manager) redundant but have pout adverts out for a new Business Development Manager? Having been interviewed for the new role, I have been told I won't be getting the new job, as I'm not experienced enough. I have been given a months notice and told I am being made redundant.


    To reiterate: Same Job title, same role, just more workload and a higher target!


    What I need help with is, can i take them to a tribunal? Can i write and threaten them with a tribunal if they don't pay me 6 months wages as way of compensation etc? Can anyone provide a template for the letter i want to send them? Any help and advice greatly received. Even if it is to say I have no case?

  11. This site helped me claim back £2700 in bank charges and i'm hoping there is help for claims with PPi too?


    I believe there is an area/thread somewhere where PPi claiming is discussed, templates etc, can anyone point me in the right direction by posting a link or something, I can't seem to find it.

  12. Hi guys


    Long time no see and all that, i haven't really been on the forums since i got back my £2k from the thieves at yorkshire bank.


    I have just noticed a big hoohar about PPI. Do I have a case? I went with my mrs when she applied for a loan of £20k 5 years ago, and again 3 years ago when she refinanced it. On both occasions we were told yes you can have the loan but we would not let yo have it without payment protection insurance!


    Can they do this? Is this what they call misselling? And can anyone point me to a thread that explains things clearly?


    thanks guys! And Caro who's bound to rely to this thread?

  13. Some money i was expecting to go in to the account today hasn't turned up, so the bank have bounced my cheque to a.n.other company. I have a cheque guarantee card for the same amount as the cheque was written for? Oh and they've also charged me £35 for the priviledge? Surely the whole point of a cheque guarantee card is to stop the cheque bouncing in situations like this?

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