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  1. Thank you very much I haven't filed yet so I will just add it to the bottom!
  2. Since putting in my most recent claim I have recieved another charge, it will be the last as the accounts now inactive. I have recieved a letter saying its going on hold awaiting the trial outcome. I was going to start court action to gain the intrest in the meantime. Can I just add this charge to my existing claim and start the court action or do I need to do the the first two letters again for this amount. Thanks
  3. Thats fine, as I have moved anyway, just need to physically close down the account. Thanks
  4. Thanks. I read on someones thread that you can't claim on the same account twice. That's not true is it?? When I last claimed and won I crossed out the bit on the agreement that said I wouldn't claim from them again. I have another account set up as I am in the process of leaving them anyhow.
  5. Hi I am at the stage of sending the letter before action and I see that this now includes "You are also reminded of my request that you forward a copy of the Terms and Conditions that were in force at the time my account was opened, and any subsequent amendments to those Terms and Conditions. These are requested under CPR Pre-Action Protocol 4.6©, and your continued failure to provide them will be brought to the attention of the court, should it be necessary to commence a county court action" I never requested this in my 1st letter, shall i leave it in as I want to start court action
  6. Thanks for the information, I think I'm going to go all the way with it, I just want the back up of official documents. Thanks for everything Debs
  7. Would you recoomend I take thier word that they have filed it away or start with the courts then at least their is official paperwork? I don't trust HSBC!
  8. Thanks, that's fine I just want to get started! Will it go on hold at the point it should go to court or before then?
  9. I am absolutley fuming! HSBC are going to charge me £100 for going overdrawn! I have sucessfully claimed my charges back from them in the past do I just go through the same process again or do I have to wait for this Court case to be all done and dusted. Thanks a really really mad Debs
  10. Hi After recieving a letter from RBS a couple of weeks back with an offer for full settlement for a claim for the previous 6 years. We signed we would accept but crossed out that this would be a full and final payment as we want to take them for pre 2001 (if we can ever get them to give up the statements, they say they don't have them) Today we get a letter saying we can only accept the offer if we accept all their term and conditions. There is an option to put it on hold until after the test case. What shall we do? We don't want to lose right to try and get the money from pr
  11. Hi Just had an offer from RBS settling the claim for the last 6 yrs in full. I want to take them for prior to 6 yrs as well but I assumme I will have to wait until the test case is done. To accept the offer do I just scribble out the bit that says I won't claim from them again and accept the offer on my terms. Thanks
  12. OK Thank you for all your help. I will send out a letter and see what happens
  13. I may be sounding daft here but just because they have some peoples statements surely doesn't mean they have to have mine, especially since the account was closed a few years ago. Debs (the wife)
  14. So how do I proceed, they say they don't have them, they have no obligation to have them. What can I do?
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