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  1. Indeed Dave, This is now causing some worry. ''Long Lex'' has to produce his licence for his driving job ever six months. You've guessed it, they have asked for it today and he has a month to produce it or they will stop him driving his little 3 1/2 ton truck. He's going to be on the phone a lot I think. Now there are no more local offices to deal with this sort of thing, he and you are in the hands of Swansea, not good Lex
  2. Great idea Thanks for that Topcat !!
  3. Many thanks folks. The lack of help from the DVLA is a nightmare. All local offices have been closed and Swansea is as much use as a chocolate teapot
  4. All good information folks. CAG to the rescue again !!! Many, many thanks for your time and trouble Lex
  5. My son is applying for his provisional HGV for work, new system. We are not getting any help from the DVLA, no surprises there then. A couple of questions 1/ They want his full car license, do they want both paper and plastic. 2/ They ask if he has any offenses, he has a couple from 8 years ago, does he have to declare these or are they SB even though they still show on his paper license. The so called 'guide' is not clear. Many thanks if you can help Lex
  6. Posted on Facebook today :- Dear all, 'Radical Spirit Radio' will be doing a special show tonight, to talk about ATOS and the national demos today. If anybody is attending/speaking at one of the demos, and you'd like to come on and talk to us about it, please let me or Eddy know. We realise it is short notice, (I was planning on attending a protest myself today, but for one reason and another, I can’t now). Instead, we thought it was a good opportunity to get some awareness-raising done. The show will begin at 8pm, and it would be easier (although not essential) if you could take part via skype. Any help you could give us at this late stage, would be greatly appreciated. Please share this if you can, because we don't have long to put it all together. Thanks very much. Helen Sims and Eddy Wright Radical Spirit Radio If you want to take part, contact Marie Pace on the Facebook group :- https://www.facebook.com/groups/236931403038408/683852935012917/?notif_t=group_activity Lex
  7. I'm starting a thread for timpg who is having problems with Hamptons & Lowell DCAs Over to you timpg !! Lex
  8. I am sure we will let you and everyone else know Dave, we really don't were we stand untill we have spoken to all Dave........
  9. Thank you for your comments Dave, I know you were great friends. It's a shock to all of us.........
  10. CitB and TAG, thank you for your kind thoughts. It's been a long night :-/ Lex xxx
  11. Thanks HoneyBee xx, The hardest part is going to be telling my son his Nana has gone, he's not home from work yet If I can't get on to reply to any messages, you'll know why.......So again, thank you to all that helped in the early days of her dementure. Lex xxx PS, Thanks Martin, it means a lot !
  12. A sad and final update for my friends and supporters here, My dear old Mum passed away in the early hours of this morning. She was in Hospital and had complcations with her Kidneys and Lungs. Just old age catching up. I'll just have to keep my eye's on my Dad now, 60+ years is a long time to spend with the one person. Many, many thanks for your help and support over the past couple of years. Lex
  13. The second wettest summer on record has blighted UK harvests and will lead to food price rises, farmers and retailers have warned. Wheat yields in England are down by almost 15% on the five-year average, the National Farmers' Union (NFU) reported, with some areas in the west of England suffering worst from the summer rain. The world price of grain has already been rising in recent months following a heatwave in Russia and the worst drought in 50 years in the US, which destroyed 45% of corn and 35% of the soya bean crop. Read more here :- http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/oct/10/food-prices-rise-wettest-summer?fb=native&CMP=FBCNETTXT9038 Farmers are taking the first hit as feed wheat and compond foods for stock have risen by £50 a tonne this month !!! Lex
  14. 18 bridges in West London will need to be replaced and Hanger Lane Gyratory rebuilt if HS2 goes ahead. Keni Brennan of HIllingdon Against HS2 & Stop HS2 is interviewed by Nick Ferrari on LBC radio.
  15. Anyone with SEN children needs to read this. NOW. Draft Legislation - Provisions about Children and Young People in England with Special Educational Needs – September 2012 It is the first item here :- http://www.sossen.org.uk/news_and_events.php#response Lex with thanks to Bookworm !
  16. It would be wise to send a copy of the N1 to the liquidator just to prove you have a call on any assets that might be forthcoming, if indeed this is the case. Lex
  17. I'll have to get back to you after I have checked my facts YTTP, Im not sure if we include the liquidator in the court case. It is worth writing to the liquidator and ask them for repayment of your fees, I'm afraid you get it but we need to show we have tried !! Lex
  18. SCOTS nurse Joyce Drummond reveals how thousands of genuinely ill people were set up for a fall before they had even been assessed by benefits firm Atos. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/nurse-makes-heartfelt-apology-after-1340838
  19. We will have to take it to the rececivers in that case. Was there a name on the defence YTTP ?? Lex
  20. Hi YTTP, You can find out what state their in by looking here :- http://www.companiesintheuk.co.uk/?x=ybbbswg Do keep on, as :- 1. Someone filed the defence 2. A reciever will be appointed to deal with their debts and assets. You will get a copy of their defence in due course, will can look at that then. Hope this helps, Lex
  21. Hi Lively, how are you doing, glad to see about again !!! Hey Crush, when you get a signal, give me a shout, I've been trying to get hold of you for ages !!!
  22. When you fill in the N1`print at least 9 copies. you will need 3 more for the court bundle. It pays to have more as I will go into nearer the time. You don't put wasted costs on the N1 as that is up to the court to award on the day. I'll work out the interest for you if you like, but you can do it on the spread sheet on the main forum. Lex
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