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  1. 'Morning UK, do you have a flight manual for this thing ??

  2. Hi Thai, How are you doing??

  3. Mr lex

    Hiya Kia !!!

  4. Hi Jo, Hope all is well with you !!

  5. Hiya Honey, How's you??

  6. Hi guys, the puppys gone off for training for a while, so I've been looking for summit else. Will this do??? Be the star you are !!!

  7. Hello Mr Blue Sky :D

  8. 'Morning Bookie, what are we suppose to do with this, then ???

  9. Things are looking up for me, my last two friends were a Badger and an Otter !!!

  10. Hi Kenny, trix are just fine now, like you no internet on Tues. Bu99er !!

  11. I hope this doesn't turn into 'Facebook'!!! :eek:

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