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  1. Hi Kim! God it's been so long since i was fighting Lloyds on these forums. Guess i was lucky, just managed to get my claim settled before the big freeze! I feel for you, it must be so frustrating:x Hang in there, i reckon they are going to have to payup in the end. I think the tide has turned against the banks in this case, but they'll play it out to the bitter end:mad: Good Luck anyway! Pondy
  2. Hi Pen, Just wanted to add my congratulations...all be it a little late!!! Been working my socks off recently and havent been on CAG for a while. I am soooo happy for you after the ordeal you have been through, i don't think i'll ever forget your struggle, and i'm really glad you didn't give up after the first disappointments at court. Enjoy your win, hubby must be dead proud of you! Pondy
  3. Hi Omegbe! Found your new thread! Hmmm, the choice is yours. As i see it there is the possibility of a counterclaim, or they may start charging interest again. You have to weigh up the risk against what you stand to gain by proceeding. Personally i (being the eternal pesimist) decided to hold fire for a while until i'm in a position to cope with any retalitary actions from LTSB. I will keep looking in to see what you decide to do, but if you decide to start a claim then good luck! Pondy
  4. Pen, Last again, but just had to add my...... Congratulations! So glad you stuck in there after some big disappointments. Enjoy your hard earned win, you certainly deserve it. I hope you have more successes to report shortly! Hey, nice to hear you'll be sticking around to help a few others along the rocky road. Pondy
  5. Congratulations Gem! Well done! Wait until the money is in your account before you notify the courts that the claim has been settled. Don't forget to make a contribution to CAG if you can. Pondy
  6. Congratulations Jennifer! Well done! glad you stuck it out. Pondy
  7. Hi Dazzle, Congratulations! Well done! Really pleased for you! Make sure the money is in your account before you inform the courts the claim is settled, although i guess you only have 3 days before your due in court anyway. Then a little donation to CAG? Pondy
  8. On the home straight now Gem! Keep us posted! Pondy
  9. Hi Pen, Haven't posted on your thread for a while as you have been looked after by much more knowledgable people then me. Sorry your latest court case was a bit of a let down, but nothing has really changed has it? As Elsinore says your case is still in court, and with a little more help i'm sure the issues your worried about can be resolved. Lloyds didn't turn up, so likelyhood is that they won't appear for a full hearing either. I think you are on the verge of getting your award, please don't give it up now! Pondy
  10. Pondfish

    Me Vs LTSB

    Got the bug now eh! Good luck with your second claim, although as you know you won't be needing it! I've got a couple of credit cards to claim on myself, but as they are in arrears, and they have stopped the interest on the amount due, i am holding off on my claims for now. Pondy
  11. Well done Gem, Not easy to fit this in i know, but you'll be glad you did in the end! Just shout if you need help! Pondy
  12. Hi Mimward, Congratulations on your success! Have you contacted the courts already? I would'nt have informed them the case was settled until you have recieved the money. Some people on this site have been made to wait a long time before they evenually got the settlement promised. Hope all is well and you recieve your money back shortly! Pondy
  13. Thanks For the click GuidoT! Pondy
  14. Hi, See you started that thread, excellent! Statement of manual intervention.....hmmm not to sure what this is either, but i have seen it mentioned on this site i think. Pretty sure it was someone who was having difficulty in obtaining info from Lloyds, but cannot remember. Maybe someone else can shed more light? Read up on the Step By Step instructions in the FAQ section (Guido provided a link to this section). These instructions take you through the whole process from start to finish, and should answer most of your questions. If you are still unsure as what to do, post again and we will guide you. In my opinion, it is safest to open a parachute account. Although Lloyds do not generally close accounts due to penalty charge claims, they have been know to do so, and the effects of this could be very stressfull! open a basic account with another bank, one which does not have a monthly charge. Transfer your Direct Debits - standing orders etc so you can operate from this account during your claim, and you'll be safe in the knowledge that Lloyds cannot hurt you in this way. If you are registered for internet banking, you will be able to view all your statements for the past 3 years. Lloyds also give you the option to view bank charges only. This is very handy, saving you the hassle of going through the statements to pick them out! If you can do this, i don't think you will need a "Statement of manual intervention" hope this helps! Pondy
  15. You'll hear something as soon as the payments stop Fred. Let me know what the CCCS say, i'd be interested to hear what they think. Pondy
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