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  1. I have received an acknowledgement of claim from Cobbetts but they have stated that the defendant is National Westmister bank not RBS as named on the summons. On contacting Cobbetts a very apologetic solicitor ssured me that this was right as the two banks were as one. He has promised to forward a letter to myself and the court to explain this. I am not convinced that this is an ok thing to do, yes NWB is part of the RBS group, as I understand, but they trade as completely different entities. I wonder if this is another trick to delay, cause confusion,put claimants off. The court asked m
  2. Have you got caller display? If you do nt recognise the number do not answer.
  3. I have totted up my charge over the last 6 years and they come to over £9000.00. I am a little concerned that they may close my business account when i claim. I will be closing the business down by next June at the latest and wonder if it would be better to leave starting my claim until March or April so that my claim should be well ahead by the time i close my business. Any thoughts and advice will be welcome.
  4. Thankyou. That cheers me up consideraby.
  5. Hi I am just coming round to seeing that I have to claim back these charges. I am unclear as to whether i can claim the whole amount for referral charges and declined DD's and cheques or whether I have to deduct 12.00 from each charge. I am sure that the answer may seem obvious but no to me. Any advice most welcome.
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