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  1. Hi I was made redundant last year followed up with a difficult time with depression which I am now over with. I had a good pay off and made regular payments to my direct debits but noticed that I had a letter from one Credit Card saying I was five months in arrears. When I complained they said they had cancelled my direct debit as I had missed a couple of earlier payments. I looked through all the terms and conditions of the card and no where is this process mentioned - I can't find any reference to this or the law surrounding it nor can I find a lawyer who will advise me on th
  2. I've had a series of 1 missed payment marks on my credit file by a service provider which I consider to be unfair. The direct debit had been set up but the money had not been taken from the account and then I received a phone call from them when I made the payment after the due date but in the same month. This lead to a series of 1 marks. I was ill at the time and couldn't really attend to things but the direct debit was definitely set up and should have been in place. I complained at the time and have done since but they refuse to listen - I tried taking it to the industry arbitrati
  3. Hi A couple of years my bank wrote to me saying they were closing one of my two account and demanding I agree a payment plan to pay off the amount owning over the overdraft. I agreed and paid it off 10 months later. I kept seeing the account on online banking and when I paid a pound in to account over the counter it was accepted therefore it was not closed. Does that mean they've made a mistake in wording the original letter and there was no default?
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