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  1. I sent off my £10 with the standard request however, I cannot find any trace of my old account number so I sent them previous addresses etc. I know they are perfectly capable of tracing this however, they have told me they are not going to and have returned my £10.00 Does anyone have any advice as to how I could get these details?
  2. Started a claim and they have today offered me £240.00 in full and final settlement. This is a FULL refund and I am totally delighted. Thank you so much to everyone for their help and advice. Off now to pursue a further claim with GE in respect of my Debenhams account.
  3. have a look here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/store-cards/18977-store-card-contact-details.html
  4. I want to make a claim against BC in respect of an account closed 2.5 years ago. Charges etc went back to 2000. Unfortunately, I can find no trace of my account number and BC will not release to me as details are now stored away. Can I simply send the Data Protection letter off (with Abbey micro fiche bit added) with my details and leave it to them to find my account?
  5. Data protection letter written and cheque singed. Ready to make claim with GE for three accounts, debenhams, doroty perkins and house of fraser. All closed 2 years ago but worth pursuing. Don't have account numbers anymore but have included previous address etc so hopefully this will be ok. Will keep you posted.
  6. Found my account number on a tatty piece of paper so will give them a try. Thanks!
  7. I was hit with several charges by this lot when I had an account back in 2004. I'd obviously like to see about getting these charges back. Has anyone dealt with this company yet. It was to do with a comet store card. Thanks for any help given.
  8. Hi all. Well, I have read FAQ's and I have spent an age reading through the huge post where people had massive problems getting Clydesdale to give information pre 2005 (huge thanks to all involved in getting them to back down - makes my job a bit easier). I've sorted out my data protection letter and have written my cheque for £10 and will post this off tomorrow recorded delivery to Festival Square branch in Edinburgh - can anyone tell me what their sort code is? I've not banked with them for 3 years - still oddly remember my account number but not the sort code. That's all I can do for now. It's good to be onboard and know that I am not the only one hacked off by Clydesdale Bank.
  9. Oooh Mel, well done for taking it as far as you have - I hope you kick their backsides! I am sending off my initial data protection letter on Monday with my £10 so I will see how it goes. Quick question, do I send this to my branch or to head office? Best of luck on 1 December - are you the first person to take them as far?
  10. Well, I have done it. Registered and copied the letter asking for all of my statements. Will hopefully get this off to A&L on Monday. Quick question though, I was unsure if I am able to claim for charges made on my A&L mortgage account which went a bit tits up for 6 months due to illness. I am going to hopefully try and get these back too but I can't find any details with my mortgage account number on? Does this really matter? I am so glad I have found this site.
  11. to everyone. I am about to start a claim against my old bank, Clydesdale. Wish me luck!
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