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  1. He was just sitting there not saying anything, but in his suspended letter it states that you are instructed not to contact or to attempt to contact or influence anyone connected with the investigation in any way. Yet this member of staff was allowed to sit in on the meeting, dont seem right to me?
  2. My partner was called in for his investigation meeting to day, do you think it was right that also present in the meeting was one of the witnesses for them that had wrote a statement?
  3. Hi thanks for replying , He was called in the office by the director and there was another manager present, also he was with another worker, so 4 in total. They have not stated what the gross misconduct is yet, but can only be to do with the argument. he isnt a member of a union.
  4. On fri my partner was called in office by boss they had a bit of heated argument both swore at each other, today he goes in to work and is handed a letter stating that you have been suspended on contractual pay to allow investigation to take place following the allegations of gross misconduct. Does swearing and shouting warrant gross misconduct? Any advice or help would be great Many thanks
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