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  1. Hi, Judgement was issued in 2010. Only just been made aware it was issued! What I need to understand is what the Claimant has to do as they are not governed by the CCA. So far this is what I have; To set aside a judgment against me because; 1. Defendant did not receive a 'letter before action' before the claim was issued. 2. Defendant sent the Claimant a letter on 10/05/2010 disputing the amount due. 3. Defendant sent his new postal address to the Claimant on 10/06/2005, the Claimant did not update their records. 4. While the Defendant did intend to defend part of the claim, he moved address as per point 3, he never had a response, thus assumed that was the end of the matter. 5. Defendant was not aware of the judgement still proceeding at his new postal address.
  2. Hi, What legal requirements do mobile phones companies has to fulfill to apply for a CCJ? Do they have to issue a LBA? If so what how many days should they give to pay? Do they have to issue a termination notice after the LBA expiry has passed? Thanks
  3. Yes I am a member of a trade union, Just thought someone may have some advice on here.
  4. Hello, I was offered a secondment to another job role verbally, I accepted, this was internal. My question is should this have been made in writing to me? I have also just found out that almost all secondments within my company get a salary increase to the relative role, I did not, only once my 6 months was up and I stayed in the role, did I get an increase, and still do not earn what my equivalent colleagues do. Thanks
  5. Hello, I currently work for a large firm, I work in a small team of 4 people, now I do have a different job title to the other 3 people but have been doing exactly the same job for over a year, they also get paid more than me and also had a bonus this year. My question is, should I expect the same Salary, Bonus and Job title, considering I do exactly the same Job? Thanks.
  6. yes my account was in credit, they claim they didnt get the letters, I sent two letters to two different addresses. I have proof of postage.
  7. my meeting is at 1pm please someone
  8. I sent two letter to lloyds in december 2007 asking them to close my account, they did not do this and have ever since been putting charges on my account. I have proof of postage, but the bank still wont wipe the account and close it? I am quite happy to take them to court, will proof of postage be enough?? I'm off to see the branch manager today, so any ammo would be great!
  9. I didn't think you could cca for overdrafts?:-?
  10. This is the reply i have had, any ideas??
  11. I think this is completly unreasonable, how will this teach a child a lesson? They get away with it and they parents pay.
  12. ah ok thanks fella ! I'll go for the cancel option, shame dl are abit pricey
  13. so direct line would send me a letter confirming my ncb? Or would it be best to stay with them for a month (ie cancel on the 15th day) to get a certificate? What would be the penalty?
  14. yes it does, just worried about my proof of ncb now....
  15. what would ur company do in this situation?
  16. Do they keep hold of the proof of ncb I send them then?
  17. I sent my proof of no claims to direct line about 10days ago, I have now found a cheaper policy, as I have 14 days to cancel this should be no problem, my question is will they just send me my old proof of ncb back or issue me a new one from them? Thanks!
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