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  1. Has anyone had dealing's with these? I can't anything on this site unless i'm looking in the wrong place. Is the procedure for claiming these charges back the same as the bank's?
  2. As you know i am claiming back charges (as previous threads). Today i have received a letter from those lovely people at Halifax that due to the fact my account is overdrawn, my details have been passed onto another department for them to sort out me to pay back the overdraft. OK, due to their charges the account went 'overdrawn'. Now they want me to pay back this. However, i can't because I only have / did have a current account with them. At present I do have a poor credit rating & part of this problem is due to the Halifax & part of the reason i cannot get a current account with another bank. So basically they want me to pay of this debt & it will be coming out of this account surely, so more charges?!. I have received no letter today, however, regarding the charges i am claing back in the above account.
  3. I've gone back to year 2000 with these charges. Can you go back that far with interest & what would you charge?
  4. I sent a letter with a copy of the relevant statements to the HSBC on January 13th to claim back excessive charges. I've followed the procedure as on this site. Today they have sent the statements back with a letter stating that "Thank you for sending the statemnts with the charges highlighted/marked. We regret that the bank is not able to assist you with analysis of your accounts. This is not something that the bank is obliged to do under legislation, including the Data Protection Act. Your breakdown should be in the form of a list quoting the date, amount & description of the charge from your statements". Have i done this wrong ? or is it a delay tactic ? I will also keep you informed of the outcome.
  5. I've started the ball rolling with the 1st letter to the Halifax claiming back excessive charges. The letter & copies of statements where sent recorded delivery on Jabnuary 10th. I've checked with the post office & these where signed for on the 13 January 07. So here goes & i'll keep you informed.
  6. Letter & statements sent & received on January 13th '07. As of yet no response. Will keep you informed!
  7. As per the procedures on your site, I sent off the relevant letter outlining my claim for a refund with a copy of my statements, highlighted the actual charges. These where sent on the 13 Jan'07. I have received a letter today also enclosed with the statements, stating that in order to proceed I MUST complete a letter in their format with a list of the charges, date & reason (as stated on the statement) on one letter. Is this correct or is it a delay tactic?
  8. I've been on the phone to Goldfish Credit Card & asked for past statements from the last 6 years. They informed me that they could do this but the charge would £5.00 for each month duplicated statement !! Roughly for a set of statements ?! I now they can charge but can they charge such an amount??
  9. Can you claim back charges on credit card's the same as with bank charge's? Can you also claim back 6 years worth?
  10. Put my card into the 'hole in the wall' & it's still their. A slip came out saying card retained, contact your card issuer. Since 3.15pm this afternoon I have rung Halifax, & keep being passed from pillar to post, then cut off when 'transferred' then told "we are now closed". At about 4pm i did speak to a person (I think?) i took her name. Very rude she was & had great delight to tell me that a default notice had been served, she wasn't going to help either! My wages went in yesterday but i can't use them because they have now closed the account. The account is £1600 overdrawn, but this is due to their charges. I've asked for statements but they say due to the situation this cannot be done. Were do i stand? Can i still claim charges if their is a default on the account? Can you claim back phone charges for ringing the bank? Christmas is cancelled in this house thanks to Halifax.
  11. Is it me or is this bank in a different world? How do they sleep at night? It's alright saying "Keep at 'em" but i've been in contact with them again & it's the usual case, they are fine with you when money is going into their pockets but when you want what is yours, forget it. Has anyone had a full refund of their charges from Halifax? & how long did it take?
  12. I have a current accoount with the Halifax. I've been paying for charges for well over 2 years. Using 1 of your templates, I wrote to them to try & claim back these charges. They eventually replied offering a 'gesture of goodwill' 6 months back (£1,126). However as yet I haven't replied back because this refund is nowhere near what they have taken off me. The account would still be overdrawn because even with this refund charges would still be incurred. Yesterday i've received a letter from the Halifax stating that I MUST pay into the account £2800.00 because it is overdrawn. I cannot pay the mortgage, bills etc. & Christmas for the family is a no no. They 'blocked' the account so I cannot view the statements on the internet. When I asked them yesterday for copies of statements from the day the account was opened they said there is no point. Basically they are telling me to p*** off, they are not interested. Can someone help & give me some advice please?
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