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  1. Hi Curly, I'm no longer active on CAG but to answer your question..... I haven't heard from Westcot (or anyone else) in months......
  2. Ignore it..... they seem to be trying to wear you down. When the phone calls come, just place the handset down somwhere and let it cost them to listen to fresh air. Have you had any more in writing?
  3. Send the CCA request off and ignore the form that Freds. have sent you; they have no right to this information. Send the CCA by rec. delivery, use a postal order for the £1 fee (not a cheque) and just initial the request or do a block caps. "signature.
  4. ... and that, DX.... is the crux of the issue between us. DCAs purchase these debts when creditors write them off for tax advantages..... and where that's the case, I would indeed urge people not to pay and to challenge docs. If that DCA then decides to issue court papers, checking credit files won't make a jot of difference.... Isn't it Westcot that's part-owned by Experian?.... I know one of them is or would that be another "old wives's tale"? People need to know what they're getting into, that's all.
  5. We have a big difference of opinion Don..... it's entirely up to you how you wish to proceed. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  6. Yep..... same here DX.... I think my days are probably numbered on here now though. I've been on these forums for a very long time and am completely bemused by some of the advice offered by certain "orange" people these days. Telling people to constantly check their credit files protects no-one from legal action and it seems irresponsible to shovel people towards doing this and poo-pooing the risks involved.
  7. Got your blinkers on again DX, I see.... I'd love to know what your day job is....
  8. My God.... it's changed on here! I cannot believe what you're spouting as fact.... Sad times....
  9. I have absolutely no reason to come on here and spout lies DX..... you are funny! Previous addresses are not necessarily linked until a person delivers said information to the CRAs as part of a pointless quest..... I cannot believe you're even trying to dispute that, to be honest.... but hey ho....
  10. Call yourself by the name they have on their records..... and best to initial with a pen, yes.
  11. Yes, it absolutely does, I'm afraid..... through the information that you kindly deliver up on a plate to the CRAs in the first place. It has nothing to do with "searches", as such. I speak from experience on that one..... At least one of them had/has very incestuous connections to a DCA as well....
  12. Send a CCA request to whoever is currently chasing you for payment..... anything else is just piddling around. Enclose a postal order for the £1 fee, do not sign; just initial it.... and send by rec. delivery. Keep the receipt. Let us know what they send back (if anything).
  13. Big deal Dx (and Brig).... It won't protect you from anything and in many cases, alerts DCAs to a person's whereabouts..... but hey ho.... keep promoting it if you must....
  14. Sounds like Cap. 1 have just got fed up collecting token payments and sold it, that's all. It happens. Send a CCA request to Freds. by rec. delivery and include a PO for the £1 fee. Do not sign it; just initial it..... and see how they respond. Keep off the phone as well. Checking credit files is a waste of time. Oh... and don't worry about CAB. Handle things yourself from now on. That way you'll know where you stand at all times.
  15. Don't bother with the credit report.... it won't protect you from anything and what do you expect to do with it anyway? Read it and then what? As you can tell, I'm not a fan of credit reports..... think they're a waste of energy unless you're checking for a double default or some other underhand trick. Don't assume they are cooking up anything. They will need to respond to your complaint and because it's in writing, they'll need to respond with care, that's all. Just wait it out.
  16. Personally, I wouldn't bother with a credit report..... and do nothing until they've replied to your "complaint". You can then nit-pick the issues they raise themselves in the continued absence of the info. used asked for.
  17. Well.... as far as YOU are concerned, you are still waiting for a definitive answer to your question.... You could make this a 2nd formal complaint actually; seeing as they haven't yet addressed the first one. Or..... you could ignore for the time being. I'm starting to wonder if these DCAs are following a script drawn up by Tesco actually because it all sounds very, very familiar, yet you have had different DCAs to me. I have never had the pleasure of dealing with Robinson Way.
  18. "Hope" has got people into a lot of trouble. You need to cover your bases.
  19. Ordinarily, I'd be tempted to ignore stuff like this but if they know you've moved, there's always a risk that an underhand firm of sols. could issue court papers to an old address. Copying a utility bill is no great biggie to be honest and if you send one, then they can't wriggle around the CCA obligation. Blank out any ref. numbers though... they don't need extra info. like that. .
  20. Erm..... yes, they will go near a court.... but only if they think they can get away with it, which is why you need to cover your bases earlier. All correspondence goes to Weghtmans and to whoever's pulling their loo chain. Don't ignore anything at this point but make sure the wording "I do not acknowledge any debt to your company or to any company you claim to represent" goes on top of evrything if this one's close to SB status.
  21. Yes.... ignore..... and hang up if they do manage to make contact. Don't forget to include the words "I do not acknowledge any debt to your company or to any company you claim to represent" on the top of the dispute letter and send by rec. delivery. Don't let your curiosity fool you. They can say drivel on the phone that would never get put in writing. That's why they like doing it.
  22. No... you can't..... and it would be a foolish move to pay a company that has no legal entitlement to your money anyway. They will just take the money and your credit file will stay the same.
  23. Yes. Checking credit files won't stop anyone from taking legal action against you, should they own the debt and feel that way inclined. I don't understand the (modern?) CAG pre-occupation with constantly advising people to check credit files to be honest, but hey ho.... Just make sure you cover all your bases.
  24. If this is doing the DCA rounds in the way that you suggest..... and they are offering huge "discounts", then it implies that that the doc. M&S sent you is a load of tosh. If I were you, I'd start this journey all over again and send a fresh CCA request to whoever is currently chasing you for payment.
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