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  1. hello all I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a contract which states that I need to give 3 months notice. I gave notice to my employer (with the knowledge I would have 3 months to find a new role) - as my relationship with my manager has broken down and I'm aware she has very close friends in HR (no solution for me there to stay). My contract does state they only need to give one month's notice. They have come back and said it's only a month and I leave in 4 weeks. Are they allowed to do that after I gave them my notice? I believe
  2. thank you all for your input. does it matter that my new role is at a lower grade? The corporation has a hierarchy and the change means that I'm at the next level down. No immediate changes to my package, but I guess there is some importance to grades - otherwise why have them?
  3. deal completed huge companies that deal in billions. I accept I'm a very small part of their thoughts (if at all).
  4. Sept 1st is my 2 year anniversary, and I am on a 3 month notice period. I guess I do sound contradictory but it's all new to me, and I what I don't want to do is resign and have to work notice, and then potentially be out of work with no income for several months. I have a niche role which means I may not be able to secure a similar role and package easily I am very appreciative of your response. I have some time off next week, so I guess I really need to think hard about this
  5. Hello, thanks for the prompt response, I haven't raised a formal grievance as I'm worried about being labelled a trouble employee, and I guess I still have some hope that there is an amicable solution. My experience from other big companies is that once you raise a grievance, you basically upset the hierarchy and they just make life difficult for you I will have been employed here for 2 years in Sept.
  6. Hello all I'm sorry for requesting assistance, but I have a situation which is making me lose sleep. in 2015, my company announced it would be buying another company, and the deal would close in March 2016. In Feb 2016, my manager at the time told me that following the deal, she would no longer be my direct manager, but would be a key stakeholder. My reporting line would change. Immediately after that call, I had a call with a lady who I was led to believe (and still believe will be) was to be my new manager, and she was coming from the acquired company.
  7. please can anyone confirm if the following scenario is acceptable - please note the numbers are made up for illustration: Income = 100 travel exp = 20 accom = 20 other = 10 net profit = 50 do i take the 50 out as dividends or leave it as retained earnings? I guess i'll pay corp tax on this 50, so i dont want to pay any other income tax. please note - my registerd address is my home address, and the assignments could last 12 months. if that's the case, and i have to live away, can i really claim the cost of hotels during the week? thanks
  8. hi, i wonder if i could be cheeky and ask all the knowledgeable a nd experienced people in here for some guidance. I have recently been made redundant, and have set up a ltd company to do some contracting work (IT professional). This could lead to me to having to travel some distance for some assignments - could I claim the cost of the fuel as a deductible expense - and also reclaim the VAT on the fuel used. Also, if I have to stay away from home (if assignment is very far away), could i treat the hotel costs as deductible expense - again, claiming the VAT back. I guess I c
  9. thanks to you all for youe support. i'll let you know how things pan out.
  10. Thanks MrShed & Pam. The link Pam sent me states that I have no right to return on a PT basis, only that I have the right to ask for it. I've been with my company - a local Council for over 3 years and have never had any issues regarding performance. The person who has given me this ultimatum is a member of senior management - although their are higher tiers of management - although i'm not sure if they'd want to contradict their delegated authority. I'll try the CAB - but have heard that they can be very vague and may not wish to advise against local govt offices.
  11. I've been off work for 8 months on maternity leave. I wish to return early (before my originally agreed 12 months) and have written to my employer. owing to childcare availability, I can only work part time rather than the full time I used to work. My employer has told me this is unacceptable and the needs of the business come first. They have given me a choice of return full time (and i dont know who would look after my children in that instance - twin boys BTW who should go to the same nursery - hence limited options) - or leave work. What can i do? Can they d
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