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  1. They paid up!!!! Just had a massive deposit into my account. Yayyyyy!!!!
  2. Crikey, perhaps my red letter day is tomorrow.....that makes me feel soooooo much better. Or perhaps I have done something wrong
  3. That's what I was afraid someone would say.............. They are paying out so quickly with other people, it's not fair to make others wait Moderated 3 threads merged .. please keep to the one thread when updating or asking a question .This is in your own interest as you will recieve more informed advice if people can see what you have done so far ,at a glance.
  4. Just checked the MCOL website and it says that the claim has been acknowledged. So what should I expect to happen now???? Feeling a bit wobbly!!!
  5. MCOL is quick and easy and at this time of the year who wants to go traipsing down to the court unless you really have to.
  6. I've checked my bank god knows how many times today. I think that they put the costs and interest in first and then the actual charges a day or so later. I wish they would hurry up, I need to go Christmas shopping Well of to check the bank again now...
  7. Whoo hoo, perhaps I've only got a day or 2 to wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. To be homest, I am not sure, you may be better starting a thread to ask someone else, I am a newbie, I would hate to give you the wrong info.
  9. Realised I done the same as that, so I sent one to the court and one to Nationwide, with a nice covering letter telling them that I had lodged a claim with the small claims court. Claim was issued yesterday............ start the countdown now!!!
  10. Submitted my MCOL today to the Member Services Department as that is where all the correspondace has gone to and come from. Let's see who gets paid first out of us.
  11. Should I send a copy of the spreadsheet and the claim form from the MCOL website to the bank so that they have a copy of the spreadsheet with the 8% interest showing... or something. I am asking 'cos if you fill in the N1 for a claim you have to attach a copy of the spreadsheet but there is not that facility with the MCOL service.
  12. Submitted my MCOL today.............watch this space:eek:
  13. Yes, I noticed mine have been called interest on my statement, but on the charges notice that I get/got with the statement it says charges!!
  14. Thanx Allyxia, I did have a quick peek at your thread, I am encouraged and figure if the banks wanted to fight they would have done so by now.....but there is always that nagging doubt
  15. Yes read the FAQ's again and again, still worried now that the date to issue the MCOL is looming; But i am trying to be positive and think that in a couple of weeks all that lovely lolly will be back where it belongs. There is still that underlying fear that i will be the one that goes all the way to court, and idon't relish that fact atall, even though I would be prepared to do it!!
  16. Hi there, I sent my LBA last Tuesday and got a reply today saying 'passed to member services department...will get back to me......etc' From what I have read on here, I am suppoosed to ignore that letter and carry on with the claim. Have got my claim ready to send away next Tuesday. You must be just at about the same stage as me. Keep me posted as to how you get on.
  17. Thats what the spreadsheet says. Who hoo!!
  18. Congratulations, I will be sending MCOL next week so I am watching closely other sucesses. Each one gives me a little bit more conviciton. Well done
  19. Hi all, right, sent my LBA last Tuesday, no response as yet. I have registered with MCOL and am putting together my claim. I have read through the step by step instructions and am ok with what I am doing. The legal stuff is a bit scary so could someone just check what I have put on my claim and tell me is it ok? Is there something missing?? 1. The Claimant has an account xxxxxxxxxxxx with the Defendant, opened August 2002 2. Since 25/11/2002the Defendant debited charges in respect of purported breaches of contract. 3. Defendant is aware of all details as a list of charges has already been supplied. Another copy will be sent. 4. Claimant contends: (a) The charges exceed the Defendant's losses caused by the breaches; (b) The Term permitting the Defendant to levy such charges is unenforceable under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999, Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and at Common Law. 5. Claimant claims: (a) return of the amounts debited of £1471.50; (b) Interest per S.69 County Courts Act 1984 of 8% - £244.27 continuing at 8% until judgment or settlement at a daily rate of £0.32; 6. Alternatively, if the charges are a fee for a service, then they must be reasonable under S.15 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. 7. Costs allowed by the Court. I copied and adjusted this from the step by step instructions. Is it OK?? Thanks
  20. Well done you. I have just sent my LBA so hopefully won't have to wait too much longer.
  21. Oh my god, well as expected no money has been forthcoming from the nationwide yet so tomorrow is the day I send my LBA. Getting scarier!!
  22. Congratualtions to you, a nice windfall for this time of year. My LBA is going of next week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly.
  23. Hmm that's what I am hoping. Hubby is scared stiff that I have opened a huge can of worms and wants nothing to do with it until the money is in the bank....wuss!! I am prepared to fight all the way:D
  24. Thanks for the encouragement. Like most people I am worried that I will be the person that they decide to make an example of and take go to court. Just curious, when did you start your claim??
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