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  1. the bank defaulted on the court directions on my claim before the test case was announced then like many others a stay was put on it i unsucesfully applied to have it removed ..guttin as i was days away from my day in court . Is that it now have i wasted all my time an hard work im unsure what this all means for me
  2. all that work n time i put in ..the bank defaulted etc was all for nothin isnt our court system brilliant guys
  3. yeh mine are all over the place collecting dust i just lost heart an didnt want to look at em anymore after all the work an time an money i put into it to have it snatched away days before my day in court ... but folks am back lol but if anyone out there can help me on this id b very grateful xx
  4. am going to hunt out the original letter an we will c ....i like u think am wasting my time an yeh we will still be talking bout this 4 years to come but it aint over till the fat lady sings ... is good to see familiar names are still on here hi to u all xx
  5. check out ya past posts i did as i dont remember to hand where the original letter is at min but i think its on page 5 of mine i mention the letter informing me of the stay an i have mentioned the date 31st oct as a deadline if final judgement hadnt been reached i am going to hunt out the letter to c wot it says exactly
  6. if a judgement hadnt been given on the case the letter states i can apply for a judgement on my case a month after the31st oct 08 ..an it has passed that so surely i must b able to do something now regardless if final judgement has been given or not on the test case i had forgotten about it as i recon many others have aswell
  7. my case was stayed days before my court date an have applied unsuccessfully to have it removed but i do remember the letter saying that i had to wait for either a final judgement of the test case or a month after the 31st october 2008 am curious to c if it still stands an i can now do something about finally gettin my money back an if so wot do i do next ............any help would be wicked thanks y all
  8. hi there guys long time no post .. am bk ...with a question .....in my letter i got informing me of the stay put on my claim i seem to remember it said that i had to wait till the final judgement of the test case or a month after the 31st october 2008 which ever came soonest to apply for a judgement on my claim is that still in force or wot am a bit confused ...does it mean i can apply or wot where do i stand
  9. I Might B Soon The Drain Cover Just Popped Of Over The Road Water Is A Gushing As I Type Ooooooops
  10. its p*****g down in north yorks 2 since early evening n still is gud eh hi guys long time no post i know but am back chaps
  11. yes hils couldnt agree more that all cases already in the system could of been allowed to continue.....but no the law is never on the side of those who need it only those that can afford it
  12. an me hils i was days away from mine thanks OFT
  13. if that was the starter wot was the main course :D
  14. no its definately thingwee.........i havnt heared it before .....an wish i hadnt now:confused:
  15. im old to an i still have the muppets show LP an a kermit puppet .......lol pigs in space an swedish chef were favs of mine pmsl
  16. god knows think its just pre teen speak for lets annoy my parents as much as poss .......it works to:mad:
  17. oh my god i need a drink lol orange juice (with vodka)
  18. HALF TERM SLEEP OVERS 11YEAR OLD GIRLS ATTITUDE every time my daughter talk she says THINGWEE every other word AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH:mad:
  19. well done you you deserve it , an the other option was CAG of course !!!! (any thought of anything else banished to where it belongs) :cool: will drink a toast to you , hic cheers!!!
  20. 2 eggs boiling in a pan the female egg says"look ive gt a crack" the male egg replies"wot u telling me 4 am not f***** hard yet" hello cagbot pmsl
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