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  1. Hi andydd, on their website it says We promote a peaceful and relaxing retreat for our customers and the proof that it isnt is that it is right next to a very busy dual carriageway, which we did not realise as we booked over the phone and had not seen their website. I have since found some reviews stating the road noise was bad, but of course there are some reviews that say it was not that bad, I guess it depends on what time of year you are there as the hedge between the cansite and the road was dropping its leaves and it made the nosie worse, the owner did apologise to me about the road noise when I told him how bad I thought it was and he said it was not usually as bad as that, although he also said friday nights were worse and this was on thursday night!. I know it is a matter of my view against his, but I had such a migrane because I could not sleep with the noise, I could not possible have stayed there a moment longer, and i have stayed on many camsites. Also the thing about the temperature control on the showers, there was no contrill and I cannot stand hot water so could not even use the showers.
  2. Hi there, please can you help/give advice, I booked and paid for a campsite for my motorvan for 5 nights. on arrival we found that the adjacent road noise intollerable, we told the owner who said it was not usually that noisy, (it is next to a busy dual carriageway) we chose it as it is promoted as being a peacefull site in a village! we tried to sleep the first night and could only get a couple of hours sleep, so got up the next morning early, tried to have a shower and found the water too hot and there was no means of turning the temperature down, we sought out the owner and told him of our complaints and that we would have to leave straighaway as we were feeling quite ill with the traffic noise and could not even sit and relax or sleep. he just said no refunds! we paid £100 for 5 nights, so are out £80 for the 4 nights we could not stay. We arrived at the site at around 3.00pm and left at around 9.00am the next morning so not even 24 hours. It was that bad.! I have emailed the owner on return and repeated our greviences and he just replied that he told us no refunds as per his terms and conditions. We were not given any paperwork when we paid so do not have anything that states what those terms were. There was a notice in the toilet block about no refunds, but of course you cannot read that untill you have paid in full and are actually on site. I am thinking of going to the small claims court, any ideas anyone? thanks
  3. Hi gizmo111 the mortgage advisor we saw was with the company where we have our mortgage and he was the one to say we didn't have to have insurance.
  4. I had a meeting with a mortgage advisor today about my mortgage, I am thinking of making overpayments to clear my mortgage early, when I took out my repayment mortgage just over 10 years ago I was told I had to have a life insurance policy or they wouldn't lend me the money, the policy didn't have to be with them, it just had to be enough to cover the outstanding mortgage, should either of us die. We took out a policy with another company and sent the bank (Barclays) the proof. today I was asking the mortgage advisor general questions, and somehow we got talking about life insurance, I said to the advisor that,what with the morgage increases, and having to pay an insurance policy, it made it a very expensive business, he said, of course you don't have to have an insurance policy now, I said to him, what do you mean, he said we don't require you to have insurance policies on repayment mortgages any more, only house insurance, I said when did that come in, he said ages ago, I said, well I wasn't told and he just sort of changed the subject. my question on this forum is, should the bank have informed us that the insurance was no longer needed, I have paid £34 a month for more than 10 years now and It wasn't necessary! thanks in anticipation of any advice
  5. to try to cut a very long story short, smile told me that money was deposited into my account by mistake by an unknown person, smile put my account in the red by taking it out twice, they then charged me £235 in bank charges and sent me a very stiff letter from their dept collection dept, plus a couple of phone calls asking me to make a payment on the debt!, after 6 months of haggling I have got all the bank charges back and have had three offers of compensation firstly £15 which I rejected I then asked for £230 being equal to the amount they charged me as I argued that my time is as valuable as theirs and I should get compensated as such. second offer was £60 and a bunch of flowers, third offer was £120. I have told them I intend to persue it in the small claims court for £230, if I do, can I add on the £30 court fee, and can I tell them I will be adding on interest from the date I first asked for the £230? it is compensation for the error not actual bank charges, I have not been able to use the account since the error as it has remained in the red as they put further charges on it! I was thinking of telling them that I would accept £200 but if they dont agree then it would be going to court for £230 plus £30 court fees, plus 8% interest from july when I asked for the compensation. what is my legal right and do you think I am going too far sticking our for more? thanks Diana
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