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  1. any updates please???? it has gone awfully quiet on this thread....
  2. I have heard in the grapevine that trading standards are going after them.
  3. I would because if they say they own it how can Rooftop take you to court if you get my drift and why has the Land registry not been transferred to Crown????
  4. FYI none of us have been notified that Rooftops have sold our mortgages. Go on to the Land Registry site and follow the proceedure to obtain this document it did cost a few pounds but it is worth keeping in your possession as you will find out if you do the SAR who actually owns your mortgage. Please check on my earlier posts for those of FM1 &FM2 to see if you can identify your property. I found ours on there it took a few searches as it is a huge spread sheet. A note now for Pepe, now you know it is Crown that own your mortgage you should do another SAR to them and certainly also go to Land Registry to see what who owns title.
  5. That thread is Redstone Mortgages not Rooftop Mortgages
  6. I have not heard of Redstones. You should send the SAR to find out who actually owns your mortgage and check with land registry.
  7. Best to send a SAR to them and request all the documents that relate to you. I have posted up a good Subject Access Request on this thread. You need a statement of account on what charges they have charged you then you need to write to them requiring a refund of the exhorbitant charges. when they write back and say no - you then can take this to the FOS for adjudication. Also, like Pepe, he has just found that from the SAR he sent his mortgage is owned by Crown and he has never been informed of this. Also, you should check land registry to see who holds title to your property. I have actually found out that my mortgage is with Farringdon Mortgages No 1 PLC by some detective work. I have posted up earlier on this thread the excel sheets from farringdon both on FM1 and FM2 accounts.
  8. Check on Faringdon Mortgages No1 or No2 which I posted earlier ( they are huge spreadsheets so take your time and work your way through) we found ours on Farringdon No 1, but did have to look a few times. The Land Registry I have checked is still in Rooftops name, but they definately do not own the actual mortgage. I did have some expert help that came my way on another site and very grateful for all the information that I have been afforded. I will never let these people intimidate us again. The aim of this company that now own the mortgage is to liquidate as many homes as possible to get a return of their money. If you look on Farringdon No1's Accounts on page 29, you will note it mentions Rooftop Mortgages. The fact is that Rooftops accounts do not show any expenses how can a company run on no overhead costs, what happens to our mortges payments and also the charges that they like to frequently make?
  9. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/article-1240055/Fresh-mortgage-agony-borrowers-threat-repossession.html An interesting article I just found, with a case that was almost a repossession and looks like she got some great advice and help.
  10. Rooftop Mortgages 0845 330 3123 Crown House Crown St, Ipswich IP1 3HS
  11. ROOFTOP MORTGAGES 2010 ACCOUNT.pdf Rooftops offices are in Ipswich exactly the same qas Crown Management offices. The address at London Wall is their registered office address. The SAR should have been sent for the attention of the data controller. There are accounts are upto date but with nothing in them - empty.... as I said just a shell of a company. So when they charge us charges etc, where does our monthly repayment monies go? as it does not go into a Rooftop account as it does not show in their accounts I have also included Farringdon No 1 PLC accounts, you will see on page 29 that they mention Rooftop Mortgages. FARRINGDON MORTGAGES NO1 PLC 2010 ACCOUNTS.pdf
  12. Hopefully here is the last fileFM no1 plc investor report April2012 - Copy.pdf
  13. FM no2 plc investor report April2012 -.pdf[ATTACH]35557 the last file wont open which is FM no investors report I will see if I can get another copy, but I am sure it will be similar to FM No2 FM no1 plc DATAPOOL April2012.pdf -.xls FM no2 plc DATAPOOL April2012.pdf -.xls FM no1 plc DATAPOOL April2007edited.pdf - Copy - Copy.xls
  14. I found ours on Farringdon 1 Mortgages PLC by the amount of Mortgage we have, the location area and when we had an increased our mortgage all the sums added up. I now have Farringdon 1 +2 Mortgages PLC updates. The spread sheet is quite wide and I just went on until I found ours, when you find it you know it is yours by the description of the property etc. The last accounts of Rooftop show that they are just a shell. So yes good point why are we paying these people as they don't actually own our mortgage. Except the Land Registry still shows in their name. I had some great help with someone that knew the workings of these companies. I suspect Crown Mortgages who are in the same building actually answer the phones on dedicated numbers answering as Rooftops as Rooftop do not have any expenses such as staff salaries, income, rent etc etc.... My husband had a run in with one of the managers this week as they wanted to charge £50 because they said we did not have an agreement to pay by a certain date. As it happens he had a letter acknowledging this agreement and yet the manager still could not get it and still argued. I am afraid Rooftop cannot push us around anymore as we will not stand for it. Working out what to do next in relation to our find is foremost in my mind and how to tackle this without giving them cause to suddenly get wind that we know what has happened. For Angry lady I will try and post up the links I have but they are huge files and I am not that IT literate to do this but I will try when I have a few moments. For everyone, you only have to look at the accounts to realise that they own nothing and this are published at Companies House.
  15. So what you are saying in effect they took upfront fees - you received repayment of your PPI less a third for their costs. They then took an upfront payment of £1475 and so far this has not haappened? They are entitled to refund you if it has been more than say 7/8 months since you paid which according to you it has been. Was this £1475 a separate payment to the PPI? I have just had a poster on another forum who had paid £3k upfront fees to another CMC for 15 months - she phoned, wrote etc... could never get an answer. She came to me very upset, I helped her recover the £3k as she was in a terrible way financially. It took 2 weeks for them to agree a refund and a further 26 days to obtain her refund. My advice is to send them a letter by special delivery allowing them 7 days to respond by confirming the refund before you take this amtter to the MOJ and to the TS. Another member has taken another CMC to TS and they are now looking into this CMC and now the MOJ are taking an active action. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  16. Aspinal they have broken the MOJ rule 11, so contact them and ask for your money back, This Company has just been featured today on Dont get done get Dom, I have not watched it yet but you can get it on i-player BBC.
  17. Hi Pepe I cannot find the Farringdon 2 stuff, so have PM'd the person that sent me all the details and asked if they could kindly send it to me. So please be patient as not sure when or if ever this person will respond as when you are on web forums peeps dont always pick up emails. I will do my best for you. TBVH I have not had a chance to deal with our claim and I must. Just recouperating from surgery so not been in right frame of mind.
  18. well once the SAR is sent you have 40+2 days maximum time to wait. Did you send the £10 cheque/postal order?
  19. Pepe and Ell-enn did you both read my PM sent yesterday as it had some important information and may well help Pepe.
  20. As promised I enclose my SAR that I would use. You can amend to suit what you require from them but this is so comprehensive and lets see if they slip up and give you any information as to where your actual mortgage is held as as sure as eggs are eggs Rooftop is just a shell company. ROOFTOP LETTER SAR REQUEST.doc
  21. On Farringdon Mortgages No1 PLC, I found it by area, then the original loan amount, then the actual loan as we had topped up. You could well be on Farringdon Mortgages No2 PLC which I maynot have. It took me a while to find as I slowly went through eliminating the ones in definate areas like up north etc and concentrated on the areas in the London area. When you see it you can absolutely know that is your mortgage and it could not be anyone elses. When that report was posted up originally it came out with too much information with names and address and it had to be shortened to be posted up on a forum as I could not have mine or others details on an open forum so unfortunately much was deleted. I will pop up my SAR a little later if that is ok with CAG it is very comprehensive and will ask for everything on your mortgage. I will also be sending an SAR to Farringdon Mortgages No 1 requesting them to confirm that they own it - not letting them know that I actually know at the moment that they do. As far as your mortgage payments are concerned ours is also on the libor and had increased in last 3 months it has gone up slightly. We pay a base rate 3.2 + whatever the current libor rate is as this was the rate we agreed to at the start of the mortgage. My o/h says it depends on what your base rate was agreed to, but that increase does sound like a huge amount of money and again I would question with Rooftops how they have reached this figure. Ours is a much larger mortgage than your and ours only went up just under £20, so I feel something is wrong. They are in tomorrow morning (Saturday)you can phone them and ask them to explain how they reached this figure, lets see what they say before we diswcuss this point further as something is clearly not right. For now the information that I have given you on Farringdon/Rooftop should not be mentioned to them when you write as I don't want them to know that we have cottened on to this yet and do not want them to have a chance to correct the situation before the investigation starts.
  22. I have found out by someone in the know that ours was sold to Farringdon No1 PLC, now the land registry does not show that they own it but I do have a document in now my possession that clearly shows ( as part of a bunch that was sold) that our mortgage was sold to Farringdon and Rooftops are just acting as collector of the monies. It is a complete [problem] the way these companies treat us as they have NOT advised us that they do not own the mortgage. My post no 3 on this post shows the attachement of Farringdon Mortgages No1 PLC http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?344749-Pmendez-v-Rooftop-mortgages An ex policeman on another forum has advised after seeing and reviewing the evidence has agreed that this is really a police matter. A further document from Rooftop also which has come into my possession from a different source clearly shows that the aim is to repossess as many mortgages as they can. I also know they sold another batch to Farringdon Mortgages No2 PLC as well. Please if anyone wants any further info just let me know.
  23. By quoting to the court the 'Cheltenham and Glouscester v Norgan' the repayment of the arrears can be spread if you so wish over the remaining term. No judge in the land will disrespect this if this case is mention in any hearing. So as long as your £50 a month will pay the arrears within the terms of your mortgage term remaining then you should not have a problem.
  24. For a start did you check that list from Farringdon 1 PLC (I posted up in post 3) to see if your property is on it? I found mine on there, it will not state your name but will state an area, when the mortgage was taken out and the amount of borrowing, monthly payment and ours matched. Have you got the full list of charges etc as it is sounding like a further £10k has been added in charges, which needs to be addressed by writing to rooftops once you have a complete list from them from the SAR. They wont give this for nothing as I was told they make a charge. Once you have the list you can write to rooftops and ask them to refund the charges when they give you a final no, no, you must then put this part of your claim with the FOS as as sure as eggs are eggs they have well and truely put in ridiculous fees and you will eventually get this reduced. I can only advise that you MUST make these payments of £200 per month until you are able to get back to court as they will have no hesitation in going for the possession. At this rate it will take no more than 9 months to clear the actual arrears. I am sure Ell-enn will be back to help you further but honestly you will have to keep up by hook or by crook pay the arrears repayments as the court has agreed to until such times as you can get back into court with evidences of your income and expenses by way of a budget sheet that you have already been given. Also, by quoting the norgan case as I also suggestied the arreas can be spread over the remaining term of you mortgage and no judge in the land will go against that case reference. We chose to do it over 4 years as we did not want this hanging over our head and we sighed with relief when the final payment of the ARREARS were paid in full. You will probably need to send an SAR to Rooftop to ask them for a complete breakdown of your account including all charges. Can you tell us what the actual arrears of £1700 represents in terms of months overdue. In other words what is your monthly repayment and how many months arrears does £1700 represent. I am sure CAG here of a great SAR in the library if not I will post up mine which is very comprehensive.
  25. I agree a budget sheet with the joint income of the family + if you quoted the Cheltenham and Gloucester v Norgan case paying the arrears over the rest of the term of your mortgage. So for example £1700 arrears, and you have 10 years left and you owe £1700 = £14.17 monthly. Also as in my previous posts I know for a fact that Rooftops have sold our m,ortgages mine is owned elsewhere but is not on the land registry. But I have actual evidence that they do now not own the mortgages. The whole purpose of this is to liquidate as many as homes as possible for a return of monies. I will be back with the document where I found ours and it was not on Rooftops accounts as I have these as well. There is also Farringdon 2 who have purchased more Rooftop Mortgages. I am told this is a police matter in the way that these companies are stealing our homes. FARRINGDON MORTGAGES NO1 PLC 2010 ACCOUNTS.pdf
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