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  1. still no news on a court date how long should i wait?
  2. Hi can anyone give me some advice got a letter from northampton court dated 26th April saying my case had been referred there. Then on 19th May got a letter saying it has been transfered to redhill court.... THEN 23rd may got aletter saying it has now been transfered to Guildford court!!! and i still have no actual court date!! does anyone know what is likely to happen next.
  3. Hi the court sent me a copy of abbeys defences and to say its been referred to Northampton courts, but there was no date on it, and it didn’t sat what I had to do next? I am scarred!!! Any advice would be very welcome
  4. do i need to request a AQ or do i wait to see if they send one?
  5. Hi went online to mcol and filed my claim. Today the abbey have filed a defence!! can anyone let me know what is likely to happen now? Do i need to do anything? cheers
  6. Cheers Maz just needed the boost to file Will let you know what happens
  7. just rang them... hopeless just got the usual garbage about the y are dealt with in date order ect ect.... Mcol here i come!! Thanks matty
  8. Ok just called abbey and they said they have another 2 weeks to fob us off ect ect... gonna file mcol today..... right thing to do? or is it worth giving them a quick call tosee if they will cough up?
  9. That s great thanks will send that off today:)
  10. Hi can anyone help! my sister is claiming back £3,000 from the scabbey national. We sent a prelim letter and a letter before action then recieved from them a letter saying Thank you for your letter about the charges on your bank account i have now carried out a full investigation on your behalf sorry you are unhappy blah blah blah Then they go on to say they believe the charges are lawful and that they wont be refunding them. She called them and was basically told no way will they refund them Ok so what now?? court action? any advice would be great thanks
  11. Good luck with it hopefully they will respond quickly BUT dont forget You do not claim the 8% interest in your initial correspondence with the bank, only if all else fails and you file a court action will this be taken into account
  12. You are right to Stick to your timetable for sending them the letters dont let them dictate theirs. Just a matter of time before you get your money back.
  13. Lol heads not too bad thanks!! Hopefully you will get your account back Hillards! At least they sent a bankers draft and not a cheque to you! Enjoy the cash and thanks for all the help you gave me claire x
  14. Great new Hillards really pleased your bankers draft came through (shame it ruined your weekend)
  15. Yep doo looked lovely, the healthiest my account has looked for ages!! Hope to make it last a while x
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