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  1. Sorry to be a nuisance but i really need some help i dont know what to do. I will start from the beginning I have an account with yorkshire bank and in december i sent the letter asking for my charge details i recieved this and in the meantime my account was charged again and they proceeded to charge a further £8 per day and let me know after a week so i then sent the first letter asking for all my charges back which was £1305.00 plus asking them to clear my account They wrote back and basically said no so i sent the LBA and just after that they shut my account and said i owed them £498.00 now i have just recieved a letter with a cheque for £598.00 saying this is in full and final settlement and encashment of it will mean i accept this. I dont want to accept this as it is not even half and i am prepared to take them to court but i am confused as to what to do about the closed account charges do i claim them on top of the £1305 and if so on moneyclaim how do i word it (explain it)? hope you understand what i mean.
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