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  1. This sounds too complicated & too close to end stage, I'd get a good knowledgeable solicitor to view your paperwork as a matter of urgency. Stephen Wingus might have some ideas. Search his name on members list.
  2. Weeellll hellloo. Thank god somebody came back, I've been locked in this damned cellar for lord knows how long, I lost track. Only good thing ... I lost weight. Now, of only the boss man would appear the fun could begin but last I heard he'd become a political figure. Now, first a shower then food before we let the fun begin.
  3. You don't mean .................... What have I missed??? I shall now before
  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR I hope 2011 makes all your dreams come true, fulfulls all your hopes and exceeds all your expectations. May you have peace in your life, love in your home and the good health to enjoy all that life can bring you. :love:xxxxx:love:xxxxxx:love:xxxxxx:love:xxxxxx:love:xxxxxx:love:xxxxxx:love:xxxxxx:love:xxxxxx:love:xxxxxx:love:xxxxxx:love:xxxxxx:love:
  6. Mince pies !!! Ohhh Yukkkk. You can have them Cf, I can;t stand the things. Now the chocolate is a different matter ...................... make it into a choccie mousse, pour raspberry coulis all over it and I'll be the first in there with the spoon.
  7. Hands up where??? Why .... here, there and everywhere surely!! :lol: Seriously though, I am absolutely delighted that you're ok ..... and I'm with Kia ............... situation normal.
  8. Big hugs from me too Cf .................... this hospital business must be catching ........ I hope your outcome is as good as mine have been. If I were you I'd dodge KK's hyperdermics ..... you'll get quite enough from your new playmates. If they take the skin graft from your bum I'll make sure your seethroughs have a modesty patch to cover the sore spot completely.
  9. In the matter of post counts ............. I've got 1909, not counting this one. At one time I must have been a chatterbox. :whoo:
  10. Kia, I'm so sorry about your dog, I know exactly how painful it is to have to say goodbye but you're doing right by her, so take heart that she'll be free from pain. Cf's right ..... all men can be bar$tewards but sometime, some day Mr Right will come along. Think you'd better sit down to read the next bit Cf ............ I totally agree with you, college would be a great idea for Kia, it would get her out of the house and give her a focus for her time and hopefully a totally new direction for her, plus she'd meet new people with similar interests.
  11. OMG Kia ................. I daren't post what I'm thinking or Cagbot will have an eppy. ;) Charley, please tell her where you got your smilie before she says something else and I get totally cagbotted.
  12. Pithy?? When did you develop a lisp Cf? Have to agree with the latter part of that statement, there's no way anyone could mistake me for a bloke. New glasses needed Kia. Getting new car end of October, finally settled for Panther black cos with the sporty bits added it looks the part .... big, black, beautiful and blingy .............. just the way I l8ke my cars! Hi MJ ... nice to hear from you, it's been a whie since we had a chat, hope life is beng kind to you and yours. And will somebody tell me how to get the smilies to work .... cos even going advanced don't work, it just takes me to a blank page that says reply to thread. Drat the thing, I so wanted to stick my tongue out at Cf.
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