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  1. sorry I’ve tracked a few other fleeced customers this week and no sign of them on the register. Alarm bells would have been ringing if I’d done my homework!!
  2. Yes thats exactly what they're doing and can't be allowed to continue on like this aside from the money they've conned me out of.
  3. Yep done that research here too check out the reviews at Magnus Architects Reviews here and some other people have also been stung recently
  4. Hi Andy, rookie mistake, paid by bank transfer instead of credit card which has protected me in the past.
  5. Bit stuck here so I wanted to consult the experts here: In August we contacted a local Architects Firm Magnus Architecture to help us with the design and planning stage for an extension. All went well initially after paying around £900 to do the designs we agreed to proceed with a planning application of a further £1k. This was almost 2 months ago now and we were advised it can take up to 3 weeks to submit the plans. Last month we tried to contact the firm after having no response to any emails and found that the phine lines were dead. Doing a little resea
  6. Thanks Slick, I was hoping someone more knowledgeable would join this thread, unfortunately gym memberships should come with a Health Warning these days
  7. I've done it before with virgin and as long as you're out of contract they can't do anything - check out another post http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?121539-Total-Fitness-Cancellation
  8. First cancel your direct debit if you don't have a direct debit then cancel your debit card, you will be issued with a replacement with a different expiry date, speak to your bank too for advice. Contact head office and see what they say too. I refuse to sign up for any gym membership now, I paid 12months in advance for my leisure centre gym membership. Contact the Financial Ombudsman service too they may help you get your money back.
  9. First thing I would do is to ask for the T+C's and for the exact terms that that state any new car added has to have a bedding in period of 14 days. Then speak to trading standards and check if it is actually legal for them to have a 14 day 'bedding in' period because you are still payijng for a service even during those 14 days. Check out the Trade Descriptions Act and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Governmentcitizensandrights/Consumerrights/Howtocomplainaboutgoodsandservices/DG_196096 Hope this helps and let me know how you get on
  10. HELP PLEASE!! Unfortunately I must have forgotten to ask the AA to remove my card details last year!! Imagine my horror yesterday when I checked an account I rarely use and find it £145 in overdraft. I never even received a renewal letter but I am going to be charged £50 by the hsbc for going overdrawn!! I contacted the AA straight away who are unable to refund my charges but were able to drop my premium by £60! As I have been happy with their service - (1 callout every 2 years) I opted to stay with them, and contacted my bank to see if they would refund the charges as a goodwill g
  11. I did get a full refund as all my threats went via the finance company. Although I had them on a technicality with the odometer reading so they had no leg to stand on. I should have gone to watchdog just to let people know how bad this company is!! Went to the garage last week and all the salesmen just scarpered rapidly haha
  12. i got a phone call yesterday from the General Manager at Arnold Clark!! the mileage discrepancy cannot be defended so I said I want a refund and he's sorting it, lets see when I actually get my money
  13. For reference, below is a copy of the letter I sent out yesterday - heres hoping Dear Sir/Madam, Finance Agreement Number: XXXXXX Supply of Goods (Implied Terms) Act 1973 (as amended) On 22nd January, 2009, I entered into a Hire Purchase agreement with you for a Volkswagen Golf 2.0 GT TDi from Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited. The following problems have arisen: The hire purchase agreement, used qualifying vehicle invoice, Arnold Clark warranty and servicing documents state the mileage at time of purchase was 37,168. However on the day f
  14. I've just spoken to consumer direct and the finance agreement is voided by the incorrect mileage under the Supply of Goods (Implied Terms) Act 1973 – Hire Purchase Agreement I am eligible to recover all payments and my deposit will let you know if this actually happens
  15. Hi andie, yes thanks I did get my membership cancelled and £40 back as soon as they got the letter from my doctor, they did not refund the £25 fee for freezing the membership and the doctor's letter cost me £20 but still a small price to pay. I've vowed never to get stuck in a 12 month membership again, after problems with fitness first and virgin in the past I only sign up for 3months at a time maximum. thanks again for your reply.
  16. Hi guys, It is not the third seatbelt that is missing, the middle one and the one behind the driver seat are present, in a 3 door car you would only expect to fit two people in the back and hands up for anyone willing to sit in the middle?? So that must breach the sale of goods act stating goods must be fit for reasonable purpose. However I’ve managed to dig this up last night: The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 have replaced the Trade Descriptions Act. This is a wide-ranging piece of legislation which makes it a criminal offe
  17. just read this on another site "I purchased a car and also bought a Service Plan for the car. The Service Plan was included in the Finance Agreement. After 2-1/2 months of problems we rejected "resinded" the car. We chose another car from stock and are happy with it. There was outstanding finance of approx £1000 and the dealership called and asked us to pay this off as it was tied to the car and they could not sell the car onwards. I called Consumer Direct and asked them how I stood thinking why should I pay for something which is useless to me and not refundable or transferable to o
  18. my fault for not checking the car out, hands up for that, i didn;t stop to think that arnold clark for all their seemingly professional image would try to fleece me like that. i'm going to phone trading standards on monday to see if I do have a case for mis-selling regarding the mileage under the sale of goods act. thanks conniff, i know if I am driving with 3 passengers in the back then I am automatically breaking the law so will be taking the car into Arnold Clark on monday morning, i'm going to get under the car tomorrow morning and have a look for anything that might show any accident
  19. I purchased a VW GOLF GT TDI 2.0 from Arnold Clark on 22nd January, 2009, about 5 weeks ago. All sounds normal but as this car was delivered from another branch so i didn't get a chance to take a look at it and collected it in the evening. 1) The next day I noticed that the Mileage was 39,212, this was surprising as my paperwork states the mileage I purchased the car at was 37,168 - is this legal?? The car was also filthy with footprints on the ceiling, loads of dog hairs, scratches and white stains on the seats, has his car been used since it was initially brought into Arnold Clark by th
  20. Today I received a letter because I cancelled my direct debit. Upon phoning head office in Manchester on 0161 440 2667 and explaining the situation, firstly they girl I spoke to only knew about the membership being frozen from october to march until I pointed out that my October payment had been collected. I then went on to explain that I had cancelled my direct debit due to a pending knee operation and that was going to cancel my membership after my 12 month contract expired the same time the 6 month freeze expires, so did not need to renew the direct debit. However this is not the case as s
  21. okay so I decided to freeze the rest of the membership and pay one month so that would be £25 to freeze and a month at £40. They froze from 1st October to 1st March. Then i saw that they still charged me on 1st October so I phoned the gym and was told that there was no way the person I spoke to could have stopped the October payment so this would be frozen from 1st November. Because I did not trust them I cancelled my direct debit
  22. can someone help here, i'm trying to cancel my membership with total fitness because i am having an operation on my knee in november. I rang them but was told that I will have to pay the remaining 7 months subscription or freeze the membership at a one off fee of £25. I would rather call it a day on the whole thing now. any help please?? originally posted 24th September
  23. thanks butty_a, I've made some progress and will stick all details in a new thread - TOTAL FITNESS MEMBERSHIP
  24. can someone help here, i'm trying to cancel my membership with total fitness because i am having an operation on my knee in november. I rang them but was told that I will have to pay the remaining 7 months subscription or freeze the membership at a one off fee of £25. I would rather call it a day on the whole thing now. any help please??
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