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  1. Well thank you very much - was about to embark on the epic paperwork journey when the kind postman delivered the letter announcing FULL PAYMENT OF EVERYTHING CLAIMED - BANK CHARGES AND INTEREST!!!!!! Hooray!!!!! Have stopped panicing now, and just awaiting the actual credit to my account happening!! Then I'll believe it!! what a relief!!
  2. Hi, sorry but panicing now - court date on 28th June 07 - I haven't heard anything from the bank by way of paperwork sent to the judge, but then I haven't put in a "bundle" either - I wasn't really reading stuff properly and didn't really understand about supplying evidence for the judges consideration - I suppose I thought it was all pretty simple and a done deal!! Stupid I know. Is it too late to submit my "bundle" now? The court said it should be in at least 14 days before the trial.....it's now only 8 days.....I have been trying to edit the "Witness Statement" which I downloaded from a thread on this site, but unsuccessfully so far - it has downloaded in Excel spreadsheet and there seems to be no way of fitting the type onto an A4 sheet form...very frustrating!! I have also downloaded some of the OFT's statement on default charges - what else do I need to do? Please someone help - I feel all on my own but clearly this isn't the case - just a mum in need of legal help!!!!
  3. Hi not really very confident about this, but hopefully someone out there can help me - have got a court date me vs. Lloyds Bank - really scared - haven't sent anything off to the judge as I actually didn't think it would get this far - quite fed up actually as I really don't have any knowledge or any time for all this, but got this far and so need some advice now - really need another template letter to file - help help help - all way above my head now!!
  4. Hi everyone - I am just starting out on the war against the banks!!! Bit scary, but we will all carry on being ripped off by big companies if we don't all stick together and act. Best of luck to all the others out there - would welcome any advice.
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