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  1. I wasn't aware of the guidlines. Some very interesting points there in red. Thanks for posting them.
  2. Well i received a reply to my letter stating that the car was sold that day, and the new onwer was the one who was driving. It basically says that they are unable to cancel the Parking Charge Notice. It then gives a whole load of writing on the fact that there were plenty of signs up etc etc:rolleyes: They then go on to say that they will only cancel it on receipt of proof of sale / disposal of the vehicle. I have to send them a copy of the letter i got from the DVLA confirming the change of keepers or any other genuine proof of sale within the next 7 days. Now, anyone will know th
  3. I haven't posted on here for a while, but used to quite a bit in regards to bank charges etc. However, back to the point I received a Parking Contravention Enforcement Notice from CIL in the post today. The offence is the vehicle breached the limited free stay allowence at Maccy D's , Gatwick on 24th Nov 07 ( from 14:58:00 to 16:17:00 ). Fine is £125 or £75 if paid within 14 days. The interesting point about this one, is that at 11.00am that morning, i actually sold the car in question. So the chances are that the offence took place, but even though my name was down as being ' th
  4. I've got a ccj with HFC / Restons but, and i'm sure Karnevil is in the same situation, as i'm with cccs all the money for creditors goes to them and then they distribute it accordingly. I would have thought that when the court issued the ccj they should have said how to pay ? Have you had confirmation from the court about the ccj ? This might contain the correct info ? Sorry i couldnt help with exact details but i'm sure someone on here will be able to.
  5. We've also been with cccs since April last year and have found them to be very helpfull ( along with lots of people on here ) I've ended up with a ccj and a charge on the house, but at the end of the day aslong as the monthly payments are paid, then there wont be a problem. As for bank accounts, my other half was advised by cccs to get a basic account, away from any companies that we had debt with, and start fresh ( her bank account at the time had a large overdraft ) After looking around, she now has a basic account with Natwest. There is no overdraft , no cheque book, and the card
  6. Haent given an update on my case for a while as hadnt got anything new to report, but today got post from Restons. It was the Interim Charging Order, and a copy of the Application for charging order on land or property. It seems that the application will be heard at the same time, and same date ( 25th Jan 2007 ) as my redetermination hearing, which has been allowed 5 minutes. I'm hoping that the judge will set the monthly payments at what i'm currently paying through cccs ( £92.23 per month ), then even if the charging order is put in place, with payments every month, it should ju
  7. Would it be possible for a mod to move this post into the Nationwide section, as it might be more relevant there ? Or is it easier to start a fresh post in that section ? Sorry it wasnt posted there in the first place, we are newish to this forum and didnt realise
  8. Just a kind of update. Freddy22 decided to give cccs a call ( with them already ) about Nationwide, and they actually mentioned the CAG , and said that sending a complaint letter is a good idea. Think there will be some letter writing going on tonight ... does anyone have a good template that she can use ?
  9. Freddy22 rec'd another letter from Nationwide yesterday, their debt recovery section. They are very dissapointed that the debt hasn't been paid and have said if nothing is done within the next 7 days they will start legal and / or bankrupcy proceedings. The later also states that if the conditions of the ccj ( if granted ) are not kept to then they could ( lots of ' if 's and ' coulds ' ) Apply for bankrupcy ( cant really see that happening ) Apply charging order ( most likely i would have thought ) Apply for taking money off of wages Send their people round Send Baliffs round
  10. Hello and welcome. I'm in the same situation as you regarding hfc and restons. I'm actually going to court in Jan 07 to find out what the courts are going to set as the payment. Have a look through this thread:http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-bailiffs-advice/46344-please-help-being-taken.html I have found Karnevil who posts on here incredibly helpful. But you are not alone, and i'm sure with the helpful people here, you will be feeling better soon.
  11. Just spoke to cccs. Apparantly it does happen that a charging order can go through before a court hearing. The order i rec'd is an interim one which means that i couldnt sell the house at this very moment ( not that i have any intention of selling, either now or in the future ) They also said that i will receive another court hearing date, in which the charging order will be discussed. This could well be after my Jan 27th hearing. And what is most likely to happen on the 27th, is i'll go in, they'll say ' right, we have reviewd your budget and decided you can pay x amount ' and that'
  12. Got something else in the post today. A letter / document from Land Registry. Notice of an application to register a restriction against the land. It brief it says: We have received an application to register a restriction in the proprietorship register of the above title. the application was lodged by: Restons ..... on behlaf of HFC. As a result of the apllication the following entry is being made: ( 23 november 2006 ) RESTRICTION : No disposition of the registered estate is to be registered without a certificate signed by the applicant for registration or hi
  13. Karne, i know in your post you said getting statements out of Hfc was very difficult, but did you manage to get any ? I havent had statements from them for ages, and i havent been able to access my online statement either. Be nice to know that the money they are getting every month is actually going towards paying off the debt ... and have proof of this.
  14. That what i thought about 5 minutes. The whole thing in full is : Notice of Hearing TAKE NOTICE that the Hearing will take place on 25 January 2007 at 2.00pm at Huntingdon County Court , Godwin Street , George Street, Huntingdon When you should attend 5 MINUTES has been allowed for the Hearing. And that's it. Makes me think that they have already decided as cant imagine much can be talked about in five minutes. Have spoken to cccs and they said just to take along copies of dmp, creditors list etc ( the stuff they should have already ) and see what ha
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