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  1. Thanks for that but I'm still not sure whether to wiat the 14 days or not - does it really make a difference?
  2. I've just had a response to my prelim letter, it seems to give a standard reply about their charging policy etc., but they have made a good will gesture (which is significantly below my claim). I assume now I issue the LBA letter, but do I wait until the full 14 days are up (next Thursday) or can I carry on as they have responded? I noticed as well there is no wording in the LBA to help me out on saying thank you I'll take this bit but we are still continuing with our claim - anyone got any advice? Also I originally sent 2 prelim letters for 2 different accounts (both current account
  3. Thank you - I feel like I'm in a minefield sometimes!
  4. Hi, I've already sent off my prelim letter but today had some more lovely charges added to my account:mad: . My question is can I add these charges onto my LBA letter which is due next or do I have to send another Prelim letter? Ta
  5. Sorry to jump on the band wagon but I've been asking the same question and just to clarify then - It doesn't matter that you are in your (agreed) overdraft already and that you can't split out between your normal overdraft interest charge and the interest charged on the unauthorised overdraft etc? So you just include the amount of interest debited for that month in total on the spreadsheet? I think the other point to claify is that is state 'as notified last month' - so is that interest for the previous month i.e August's interested debited should be for July? I hope that make
  6. Okay this might sound really stupid but I just can't get my head round this. I'm using the advanced excel spreadsheet to work out the charges and interest (excluding the 8% for now) - I have the following questions:- 1) When entering the date and amount debited, my statements say as notified last month - so should I be putting this for the previous months statement i.e statements start oct 01, first interest saying as notified last month so should I start from nov 01 interest debited? 2) I have gaps of sometimes several months between charges - do I add up all the interest between
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