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  1. Thanks Didge, Is there a glossary of terms anywhere on the site? There's so many acronyms to wade through. It's hard to follow threads that refer to LBA and S69 when you don't know what they are. Still don't know what S69 is :-| Anyway, I must say the site is an inspiration and I'll definately be making a donation so someone can write a nice glossary I was just about to dive in with 2 feet and put the interest in the LBA (LBA=Letter Before Action - for any other newbies). I'll go and do some more reading...
  2. I don't know if this helps, but I rang the halifax and asked them to send me the statements. They told me that there would be a £5 charge that would be debited from my account. I said that was fine. I didn't record the exact date of the call so fortunately for me the statements turned up in around 7-10 days. If you're having difficulty getting statements, I'd highly recommend just ringing up.
  3. Cheers Didge I've calculated interest at 8% is this correct? Also I've listed all of the charges as "charges as notified" because this is all the information that Halifax give on their statements. I hope this is enough detail?
  4. Hi all, I got really annoyed at my bank when they hit me with £175 of charges because British Gas took out a huge debit when I moved my account. they'd miscalculated my monthly payments and when it was time to close the account I had hundreds of pounds still owing. They took it as a lump sum and left me well over my overdraft. I had to borrow money to get it back in the black. Following an e-mail to the Energy Watchdog, British Gas has sincerely apologised and agreed to pay the charges that I had incurred as a result of the unexpected debit. Previously my bank only refunded 2 of th
  5. Hi all, I'm really glad a resource ike this exists. I've been charged £170 in one instance by my bank because British Gas unexpectedly took out a huge payment that I couldn't cover (Direct Debit protocol means that they only have to give you 10 days notice. No good if you are away and don't recieve it!). The net effect is that I was in debt for weeks and the bank hammered me with charges for every single transaction until I got pais at the end of the month. Fortunately a family member bailed me out allowing me to get back on my feet, otherwise they'd still be charging me. I talked
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