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  1. nole have a look at the following links http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/site-questions-suggestions/44110-statures-isle-man.html and http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/site-questions-suggestions/47721-standard-letters-isle-man.html
  2. I WON I WON They've paid in full i received a letter about no disclosures anyone got a template letter for this
  3. havent done that bit will ring them tomorrow to ensure that, its covered
  4. have done mine with a N1 form and sent it to Liverpool high court also sent the ex 160 form as i'm exempt from paying court fees
  5. don't know ring the corner and ask
  6. do you have anyone you know over here that will let you use there address except me i have enough problems with the bank
  7. Also you will need an address on the Island as the corner will have to deliver the defence when they have to.
  8. this is from the ICO – Information Commissioner's Office web site The Data Protection Act covers computer records and some manual records. Most computer records can easily be found about a particular person and should be disclosed removing any third party information. Manual records need to be in a relevant filing system. The files which form part of the relevant filing system are structured or referenced in such a way that information about the applicant can be easily located. Where manual files fall within the definition of a relevant filing system, the content will either be sub-divided, which allows the searcher to go straight to the correct category and retrieve the information requested without a manual search, or will be indexed to allow the searcher to go directly to a relevant page(s). For example, a set of legal files containing files divided into sections for legal aid, pleadings, orders, correspondence by year, instructions to counsel, counsel's advice, will not be a relevant filing system because the divisions/referencing do not assist a searcher in retrieving the required personal information without the need to leaf through the file contents. therefore if they have got it then they have to give it to you if not complain to the ICO
  9. A SAR allows you to get information from the Bank without having to pay the £5 pre statement. The £10 is what you pay for all the statements it would give you everything they have in there system for you even it you get only six years worth that would have saved you £360. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/516-1-data-protection-act.html
  10. paperwork went in on Friday have to wait for the coroner to deliver it should be Monday so it will be 14 days for them to rely to acknowledge the summons stating whether they are going to defend it, if they do they have 28 days to file a defence, so basicly its a waiting game (also the court bundle on the site is no good for over here)
  11. why not send the bank a SAR she would get all her statements for the last 6 years for £10
  12. hi the address is Courts of Justice Deemsters Walk Douglas Isle of Man IM1 3AR you will need to pay them £12.50 when you send it back from there it needs to be sent to The Coroner of Middle G H R Havercroft 1 Church Street Douglas and you need to pay him £4.80 ( i know the web sites say £4.50 but they are out of date) notes for filling out forms Guidance Notes For Default Actions - Isle of Man Registries Website
  13. what they are saying is that they made a mistake with my final bill, that they didn't use the readings I gave them when i moved out . but it took them 2 years before they used the figures that i gave them. no the property was not empty. and they did try and pass one of their bill on to us, which BG tried and failed to get us to pay for.
  14. i have the bill some where in the loft but no matter how much i tell them i don't owe them, they even have 1st credit on the act (constantly ringing asking for the money), is their any legislation to stop them.
  15. Hi everybody yet anthor thread about British Gas. I move out of my property in Jan 2001 and gave BG the meter reading, to which they sent me a final bill and a cheque for the amount they owed me. I check this with them to make sure it was correct before I cashed the cheque. 2 years later the send out a corrected bill saying i owe them money. where do i stand with this do i have to pay them if i all ready have a final bill which when to an old address.
  16. My credit card has not sent me my credit agrement under the CCA1974 can i still go after my charges if the credit agreement is not enforceable i know its a silly question but i need to know i was think of going after my charges first then my payment for the unenforceable agreement. any ideas
  17. had my SAR back, but i have a question as i settled this account can i still claim back the charges, as according to CO their is still money owed on the account even if they are not chaseing for it.
  18. the isle of man is not part of the UK or the EU they dont have the Consumer Credit Act 1974 but they have everything else just with different names see statures for the isle of man link above, and yes i am taking the bank on so far they have offer half the amount watch this space, its my money and i want it back, specialy after the money programme last night.
  19. had an offer of half of each of the amount requested back am still going forward
  20. have sent the standard non-compliance anyone got any ideas
  21. Sent the standard abbey letter reply to barclay card got this reply further to your correspondence with carol jones. i am sorry that we have been unable to resolve this matter to your satisfaction. our complaints process has been exhausted and for the purpose of referring you complaint to the financial ombudsman service, you may consider this letter to be the Bank's 'Final Response'. Our understanding of you complaint you remain unhappy that Barclaycard is unwilling to provide you with copy statements of your account prior to May 2004 under Subject Access provisions of the Data Protection Act. Background to the events leading to your complaint You submitted a Subject Access Request to Barclaycard requesting informationon the charges you had incurred. you wer provided with copy statments from May 2004 Unfortunately Barclaycard were unable to provide you with statements prior to May 2004 pursuant to your Subject access request as their records before this date ate not "readily accessible" within the meaning of the Data Protection Act. These statements are not stored by reference to customer name or account number and are not retained in a relevant filing system, they therefore do not fall withe the class of documents to be produced. As previously advised, additional statements are retrievable at a cost of £3 per copy. If you remain dissatisfied, you may be eligible to refer to the FOS, I enclose a leaflet which i hope you will find helpful. it you wish to have you complaint reviewed by the service, you will need to contact them within six months to the date of this letter yours sincerely Liz Pickering Assistant to Director Me thinks i rattled someone cage
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