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  1. ok fokes had are day in court and we LOST judge ruled the the £12 was a fair amount in accordance with the OFT and the witness statement.
  2. also smith is no longer dealing with this its now EVERSHEDS talk about loosing the plot,
  3. well enron u were correct they have ignored the draft order and sent me aload of stuff including one case that they have won Timothy Potter v Citifinancial euope plc
  4. finally got the court final date for the 24 October 2007 he also did the draft order but took out the after the 14 days the defence will be struck out.
  5. oops that was a typo should have been exist
  6. Mr smith did have two things which I'm sure he will bring up 1. the interest is wrong as we wouldn't be able to get this amount at a bank ( this is a load of rubbish to us as it their interest rate not a banks) 2. As the debt was sold on to a third party that were are going after the wrong party ( it was them that put the charges on not the other party and we saw no benefit from the sale of the debt) is the out there with a similar thread and solutions to these problems
  7. apparently the court had decided to group a whole load of cases together and the ones that weren't settled before to day would then go to final hearing. ours was one of 4 that were left out of 20
  8. Well that was a waste of our time and effort after telling the court we would need 1 hour to do this in and ringing on Tuesday to ensure that this would get finalised today and being told that would. the result adjured until October... the St....p court left it at 10 minutes.. I've met Mr Smith he does exit. So this meeting was a slight skirmish. we meet, we draw lines, we both when home. He even made us a proposal which amounted to less than half the claim.
  9. usually filing for judgement gets them to send the defence in after getting the judgement set aside, keep going, my day in court tomorrow (19 July) looking forward to getting our money back
  10. Is anyone attending Liverpool county court 35 Vernoon street on thursday the 19 July As looking for support will give you support also if our cases don't clash
  11. my court have allocated 10 minutes and are apparently allocating 20 claims a hour as most will be settled before the court date
  12. Only did two things to day sent large parcel to the beloved Mr Smith and buried our beloved pet. Hang on did I get them the right way round ?
  13. thats ok i posted it on my thread yesterday http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/citicards/63167-johnc-citicards-3.html any help would be appreciated
  14. hi gizmo pls clear some space need to pm you
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