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  1. If its England and Wales then the lowest amount that you can petition for bankrutpcy is £750, but you will easily spend another £500 on top for the deposit. So you have to ask yourself is it worth it
  2. I see what your worry is, but reading that it seems to indicate that wild trees (and other plant matter) is not covered, so my reading of that is, were they tended and maintained, because if you (or someone paid by you) looked after them, then they are not by any defination "wild" but that is just me
  3. I can confirm this is the case as it is where i have worked for the last 8 years, but i will see if i can find a link for you tomorrow at work. It is probably in the technical manual under advertising
  4. There is no automatic requirement to anymore, the OR has the discretion to not do it (which most exercise) the only place that is done in all cases is the London Gazette. It was changed a while ago and i am sure if you needed to could track down the source.
  5. Well Martin3030 a bit of an interesting development, they responded too the letters with an offer to refund all the charges (but no interest or DPA fee), with no information which shows that there amount is accurate (and i am fairly sure it is not). They then state that the refund is due on me accepting a higher APR with no fees on my account, or that the account is closed and will be paid off. I must say i do have a dislike to being threatened in this fashion, so i have written back giving them 14 final days to actually give me what i have asked for. but have you heard of this (will try and scan a letter later today so that you can see). Van
  6. Well have printed it and will read at lunch time today and have sent 2 strongly worded LBA's to try and get the information without going to court.
  7. I have no issue with going to court at this point, and i am sure i can convice Mrs V as well, so what is the next step? Van
  8. Well i had no responce from them, which is a tad annoying, i take it i bang off a complaint to the IC and send a LBA to them with a 14 day warning?
  9. Thanks i will amend the letter and bang it off for the wife and i tonight, the downside is that i am in the US for 3 weeks in 12 days, but i guess i will have to enjoy my holiday, then kick bottom!
  10. Hi all Not sure if this is the right section, but having an issue with a SAR i have done with Vanquis Bank (credit card account). They have replied within the required timescales, but the information (which there is a lot) is a pain to sort through. The information that i was looking for was the charges (so i can reclaim them) but they have lost it with the total amount of interest charged (so it would say that since the account was opened they have charged £3,000 in interest and charges) and there is no way with the information to break it down. Can i write back and request from the a specific breakdown as required by the SAR? thanks Van
  11. i have had a chance to talk to some people at work and once you go bankrupt, the claim against the PPI vest (in essence belongs to) to the Trustee. The reasoning for this is that the PPI is considered a right of action and as such if trustee does not follow it through it remains with him. The main reason that these were not done is a section in the Insolvency Act (which number escapes me at the second and my copy is in a box somewhere), but it is titled Mutual Credits and Debits. Basically this is if the creditor is owed £10k, and owes the bankrupt £2k they claim in the bankruptcy for £8k. The main arguement has been if there was a case for a further £3k in a ppi, they would simply apply it against the amount owed, and the Trustee would have gained no funds for the creditors. So basically it was seen as a paper exercise. In the last 6 months the Insolvency Service has decided to test the waters, by arguing that the PPI as an insurance product is seperate (or should be) from the loan itself, therefore the mutual credit and debit, should not apply. We have managed to get quite a bit of money for some creditors. So to answer the question, if you have gone bankrupt, then any PPI claim should normally pay into your bankruptcy, even if you have been discharged (as has happened to one of mine), there is a chance that the INSS will not know, but it would seem to be a waste of your time. Hope that helps Van
  12. My ex LL has not responded to the letter, and i am at a loss as to if to take court action or not. I was hoping for something to confirm that i was writing to the right place (i am 90% certain, but always dealt with agents and they have closed shop now). Should i send a more formal LBA and see if that works? thanks
  13. Actually as someone who works in the system and having dealt with this recently at work the money was claimed for the bankruptcy estate, this was after the discharge of the peoples bankruptcy. I am not sure that the advice that has been given is correct. The money was claimed on the basis that a right of action (which is any event that could potential go to court) has to be resolved by the Trustee in bankruptcy before it can be continued by the bankrupt. The issue with PPI is that technically under the IA86 the creditor has the right of set off, therefore in most cases the OR doesnt bother as it would simply be a change of a numbers, and a bureauctic , but lately this is being tested. I will check with some people at work, but it might be a waste of time in all.
  14. As someone who works in an ORs office, if you wait till they are brought in, it will probably be too late to get money back as most of their company work is simply to put the company to bed (as there are no assets to sell). You could go to their website (The Insolvency Service Website) to find the office local to you and see what the situation is. all in all you seem to be doing the right thing, but it looks like your out of pocket.
  15. sent the letter and had no responce, so straight on to court or another shirty letter?
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