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  1. Hiya, My case has been transferred to Cardiff from Carmarthen
  2. I haven't posted for a while as things have been pretty quiet, they are now starting to heat up again. For those of you that have read my thread you will know that Natwets were originally suing me for £20,400 (made up of a consolidated loan and o/d), they have since offered a reduction of over £11,000 making the new balance in the region of £9000. They arrived at this figure by: A) Deducting almost £2,000 in early settlement charges that they put on the 2 consolidated loans. This was after I had pointed out that they shouldn't be allowed to charge an early settlement fee when the loans were
  3. Received a reply to my request for statements, 2 type written pages of - basically- nonsense. I followed this up with a phone call requesting details such as balance when account handed over, how much did 1st credit pay to take on the account etc. The lady on the phone told me she was not allowed to give me that info and I should ask 1st credit. I did so and guess what -they refused to give me the info as well. I am not quite sure what track to follow now, anyone with any ideas please?
  4. Hi all, Seeing as how I have just successfully been refunded bank charges etc of £3500 from Natwest and £3000 from RBoS I think it is time I challenged CitiFinancial. I have had a loan with them for a few years now and due to personal circumstances this has now been unpaid for several months, it has been handed over to 1st Credit who now hounding me and threatening all sorts of legal action., So its time to be pro-active rather than reactive to their demands. I have just sent letter off requesting details of account etc. Letter sent to: CitiFinancial 6 Admiral Way Doxford PaRK Sunder
  5. Well things are starting to move now, on the bank charges front I have just rec'd an offer of the full amount claimed (£3500) it only took 4 weeks!! In respect of the ongoing court battle, my request for info under CPR18 has not been met, the reply I had was a load of rubbish, I wrote back to Natwest's solicitors informing them of this and copied the court as well. Further to this although Natwets are suing me they have not filed their AQ (SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BY 15/01/07). The judge is not a 'happy chappy' and demanded they file by 22/02/07 or their claim will be struck out. As far as lo
  6. Can someone please change this thread to WE HAVE WON!!!!!!!!!!!! £2979 paid into our account on Thursday. 1st letter sent 15/01/07 Reply rec'd 22/01/07 (stating that they are looking into the request etc. Letter of offer rec'd 06/02/07 offering £2979, which we accepted. No hassle no delays just pretty straightforward really. We are chuffed to say the least and although the money has been taken up in o/d etc at least we are on the road to being debt free. Thanks to this site and all users.
  7. Hi Paul, Your entry on 03/-2/2007 is exactly the same as what has happened to me, Natwets cannot trace my loan agreement and the same with statements. I am writing to the court today to complain about their lack of disclosure and also the lack of respect they have paid to CPR 18. They also inform me that they cannot supply copies of loan agreements prior to the consolidated loan as the account is now closed.
  8. Hi all, I have just had a interseting conversation with Natwest, They tell me they are currently looking at 14,000 claims and have 8 weeks in which to answer them but they are also waiting until OFT release their findings before deciding their course of action. Has anyone else heard this or is it just another ploy from them?
  9. Exactly the same happened to me my debt to the bank amounted to just over £14,000 (made up of 2 loans for £3500 and £7500 and o/d of £2500)then they consolidated and I owed them over £22,000. We are at the 'court' stage now, but for various reasons only known to themselves they have put the case on hold. I am hoping to have it struck out completely as Natwest have not responded to my CPR 18 request to disclose their true costs and have not given me a copy of the loan agreement either.
  10. Hi, Sorry for being a 'pain' , I posted this question under Mike vs Natwest and haven't had a reply so I am asking once more. Does anybody know what happens if the bank has lost a loan agreement or if there wasn't one in the first place? (I dont remember siging one). Thanks, Mike
  11. Have now this moment rec'd my mail, a letter from Natwets Customer CareTeam, they are going to repay the early settlement fee of £1000 from when the loan was consolidated but say the bank charge issue is with another department. Its a victory of sorts but there is still another £8000 to go. Will fire off a letter stating I am still unsatisfied and as they are taking me to court I will defend it all the way and even push to get a hearing as I would not be in this position if it wasn't for the excessive charges and so on. Any advice re: above - lost loan agreements?
  12. Just an update and question, firstly update, I still haven't had a reply from the solicitors regarding my CPR 18 Request I have spoken to the court and they suggested I wait until next week before making an application to have the claim 'struck out'. Question: I ta appears the reason why the solicitors haven't supplied info requested under CPR 18 is that Natwets have lost the loan agreement, how do I stand on this? Thanks, Mike
  13. Yes I do the number is 0161 200 7145 its her direct number.
  14. Hi all, rec'd letter from Tracy Burgess this morning offering £600, this being the difference between what they charged and £12 as recommended by OFT. I will write accepting as part payment only, but want the whole lot refunded.
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