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  1. Thanks for your replies. The cheque just has "PAYMENT STOPPED" stamped on it I haven't actually got the money yet, they have said I need to return the cheque with a letter. I think maybe I should include in the letter that I will be recovering the costs.
  2. Hi, Recently I just got a mortgage on a new house but kept my previous mortgage company. Mistakenly, they charged me an early repayment fee of £3676 which I paid and they then sent me a refund by cheque. After I paid the cheque in someone cancelled it and it was returned to me with no explanation. My bank deny that they canceled it and so do my mortgage company. The problem was that because the money did not go into my account when I needed it, it caused me to go over my overdraft limit and a lot of direct debits were unpaid. Obviously this caused me a lot in fees, my question is,
  3. Just phoned the County Court. They have said that I can request judgement by email as they have still not entered their AQ.
  4. OLI1879

    OliverT Vs Egg

    Hi , I accidently sent the Letter before action straight away instead of the preliminary letter. I have now recieved a standard refusal from Egg. Should I just continue with the proccess? (ie next stage MCOL) or should I write another letter?
  5. Wow, less than a month from start to 100% settlement offer. Well done! Do you mind me asking how much you reclaimed?
  6. Hi allangary, Can I just ask, where Barclays late submitting their AQ? with my claim they were supposed to submit it by the 2nd of March but I still have heard nothing. vbmenu_register("postmenu_621807", true);
  7. OLI1879

    OliverT Vs Egg

    Hi, I have sent my LBA to Egg and received a reply stating the OFt's £12 recommended fair charge of £12 and £16 for Egg. I think I should just proceed as normal. Has anyone else had this? As they have responded well within the 14 days and said that they are not refunding me , can I file my MCOL claim straight away, or do I have to wait until the time is up? Also, I forgot to send the preliminary letter and sent the LBA as my first one, does this matter?
  8. Ok, thanks. It's what I expected really, everything that the bank does seems to be either late or at the very last minute.
  9. I received a letter form the court a while ago saying if the defendant did not submit their AQ by 2nd March, there defence will be struck out. It's now the 6th and I have heard nothing. How long does it normally take before I find out that they have submitted their defence?
  10. I returned my AQ on Saturday for the 12th Feb deadline. Phoned the court today to make sure they have received it which they have. I will start putting together my court bundle.
  11. Marvelous, they have defended! I suppose I should get on with preparing my court pack then.
  12. Ah yes, I have just read your threads. That is quite disheartening. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for the courts to validate the judgement? Just so I know when I can start getting my hopes up.
  13. I entered judgment at 12:10 this morning for £4928.09 . What happens now? Can they still put in a defence or is that it?
  14. Yep, they acknowledged on the 10th. I guess I just have to wait for them to enter a defence now. Thanks for your help.
  15. Hi, Sorry to go back a while but I have just had my claim acknowledged by Barclays and I am just trying to understand the process. What I am confused about is you say Deemed Service date is 5th August but they acknowledged on 3rd August. Surely the deemed service date should be before the defended date? ie. Surely they have to be served before they can defend? Or do they need to be served again after they have acknowledged it?
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