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  1. Thanks Rob S I've just received a letter off Central Ticketing telling me to disregard the ticket and apologising for their mistake. Thanks for the advice! this site just gets better and better doesn't it:-D Jaylins
  2. I'm in the process of making a complaint aginst a bailiffs certificate from Northampton County Court, what is this form 4 you speak of?
  3. So if the debt they are trying to collect doesn't exist then they cannot have a liability order to enforce it and so cannot visit my house and threaten to remove goods? With regards to the car, if they can't take it then they can't levy it and charge me levy fees and tow truck fees surely!! JAYLINS
  4. Thanks again recycler, yes i do have receiprts for the payment. It has now been accepted that there was a series of mistakes on Drakes part and there was indeed no debt to collect. I am sending an SAR tomorrow and will then try to gather as much relevant material as possible to take this as far as i can. thanks again!! jaylins
  5. Thanks for your reply Pizzamaker, Please forgive my ignorance regarding the liability order as i am new to all this! What exactly is a liability order and can they visit your house without one as, as i have prevoiusly explained, the last time they visited the debt didn't exist. Also, with regards to the hire purchase car, the bailiff done some sort of check and when I told him it was on HP he said he already knew and that he could take it anyway. Incidentally it was only 4 months after I had taken out the hire purchase agreement so i doubt it was even 5% paid for! Jaylins
  6. Hi all, After raising my complaint with the FSO, they advised Abbey to refund all charges. Despite this Abbey have still not done so, six weeks on! Abbey now refuse to discuss it with me, saying they will only speak with the FSO. Last week I phoned the FSO (who was less than interested) to ask for assistance and they said they would get in touch with Abbey to see what was going on and call me back to let me know. Today I called the FSO asking if they had any news, and why they hadn't called me back, and they said they would only call me back when they had a reply from Abbey, who have 14 days to do so. When I asked when the FSO had contacted Abbey (so I could calculate the 14 day deadline) they refused to tell me?! Where do I go from here? Jaylins
  7. More questions! Can bailiffs levy a car worth £5,000 for a debt of £900? Can bailiffs levy a car if it is on hire purchase? thanks, JAYLINS
  8. wow!! Thanks very much for your reply recycler, absolutely brilliant. I will have a very close look at where to go with this as it is a very long story between me and Drakes. Judging by some of the excellent information you have provided me with I have quite a few very real complaints to make about their whole set up. Would I be right to assume they cannot visit my property or threaten to remove my possessions if they did not have permission from the courts? You see, the second time they visited me the 'debt' they were pursuing did not exist so surely they can't have been authorised to enforce it. Jaylins
  9. Hi all, After a visit from one of Drakes bailiffs in feb I was made to pay £900 for a £600 outstanding council tax bill from 2003 (which i honestly knew nothing about and am still contesting). Not satisfied they have called around again trying to collect the same debt. They claim to have sent me letters of intent to remove etc. but this is simply not true! After I phoned the council and told them about this they contacted Drakes and gave 'urgent instructions' not to visit my house. Despite this the bailiff phoned me and said he intended coming to my house after 7pm and removing goods. Again I contacted the council and they repeated their instructions to the bailiffs but he called again and said the same both that day, and at 8.30 the following morning. I have since established that they didn't have a court warrant to enforce this debt as it obviously didn't exist and was wondering if there was anything I could do about it. Also, how exactly do I go about making a complaint against the bailiffs certificate? Jaylins
  10. Hi all, can anyone tell me where I can get a CCA template from please? Jaylins
  11. Hi all, I've just received a letter from Littlewoods regarding an LBA. They detail every charge and provide the reason for it individually (insufficient payment, late payment etc). they then go on to say: As your complaint is in relation to a credit agreement that was sold before 06/04/07 you are unable to refer your complaint to the Fos as we were not a member of a Dispute Resolution Service until this date. I should advise you that if you do decide to refer to FOS it is unlikely that they will consider your complaint. This is our final response. I confirm that this letter concludes our investigations into your complaint. I trust our explanation meets with your satisfaction. This is from Ann Turton of the complaint management team. Can anyone offer me any advice on what to do next? Jaylins
  12. Spiffing!! Thanks for that, i'll get right on it. Jaylins
  13. (central ticketing threats continued) They did not reply to this letter and I thought I had heard the last of them.....until this morning I received a letter from a company called Commercial Collection Services warning me that I have until 12 noon on Friday 13th July:eek: to pay them £135 or they will issue me with County Court proceedings stating the amount will increase substantially with costs fees etc. They state the sum relates to a Parking Charge Notice. Can they really do this to me? worried Jaylins
  14. Hi everyone, i'm having problems with a private parking company called Central Ticketing ltd and was hoping someone can offer me some advice. Basically , I received a letter claiming my car had been issued with a ticket for 'parking in a disabled bay', (which incidentally is something I just don't do) and that I owed them £50. I called them immediately and told them there must be a mistake as I had never even had a ticket on my car and I don't park in disabled bays. After they insisted this was a valid ticket I requested proof of the ticket and they agreed. They then sent to me, a photocopy of a ticket with my registration details on it. I then wrote them another letter saying this ticket was never on my car and that they hadn't offered any evidence otherwise. I stated that I would contact the police if they were sure of the issue of the ticket and inform them of the possibility of another car fitting the description of mine, using my registration ( a ringer if you like )
  15. Evening all, Just thinking about pursuing my claim against Abbey through the Financial Ombudsman and was wondering if anyone knew how the claim works with regards to the 8% statutory interest. Can i apply it or is it only if it goes to court? Thanks, Jaylins
  16. hi everyone, thanks rodblynd for your advice, i have just finished working on a spreadsheet and i'm not too sure about it. I have worked out the 8% interest by multiplying my individual charges by 0.00022, and then multiplying this amount by the total number of days elapsed since the 'offence' (charge). e.g. £30 charge on 20/03/06. (365 days ago) 30 x 0.00022= 0.0066 0.0066 x 365 = 2.409 I have indivdually calculated each charge in this way and finally reached a figure. please tell me i'm right,PLEASE!! Jaylins
  17. Hi everyone, having a nightmare trying to calulate the 8% interest on the N1 form. I've followed links to spreadsheets but for some reason i just can't get them up on the screen. My claim was for £2681.50 but i was recently refunded £535 so that now leaves £2146.50.I am sorely tempted to just hand it over to one of those companies that do it all for you as i just can't get my head round the interest calculation.Can anyone please help me?! jaylins
  18. hello everyone, I can't work out the 8% interest for the N1 form. I have followed the links to the interest calculating spreadsheets but can never get them up.My amount was for £2681.50 but they recently refunded me £535 so that leaves £2146.50. How do i work out the 8% interest from here? i'm getting very tempted to just hand it over to one of those solicitors who work it all for you as i really can't get my head round it!! jaylins
  19. I Must Add That I Was Trying To Pay Within The Agreed Timescale But Wasn't Allowed To Do So Until The Agreed Date Had Passed. This Is When I Was Entered Into The Credit 'agreement' ( Loads Of Interest Added On Top )
  20. hello everyone, I am currently being pursued by Activ Kapital for money after being entered into a credit 'agreement' despite my efforts to pay in full what was originally a buy now pay later arrangement. It's been going on for a long time now and i have been issued with ccj for my troubles. I am now willing to pay the inflated amount they are requesting if they agree to assist me in removing the ccj from my record. Is this possible? Also i think i read somewhere that if an account was in dispute then they cannot enforce a payment schedule until it is settled. Is this also true as i have been told if i don't set one up they may send in the bailiffs. thanks Jaylins
  21. hi everyone, Really struggling to calculate the interest on my claim.In my letter before action i didn't mention any interest, just the amount of £2681.50. Would it now be too late to claim it? If not can anyone explain to me how to go about working it out as i just can't get my head round these spreadsheets!! jaylins
  22. Hi everyone, i've received a gogw of £500 my claim is for £2,800 what do i do now, i'm also having trouble working out the interest do i just add 8% to £2,800? crazzer.
  23. martin, Thanks very much for your speedy reply.I think statutory applies to me as i have sent a letter before action without any interest details.So now , filling in the N1 form, how do i work out the interest on my claim for £2681.50? My form reads as follows: Charges £2681.50 Interest under s.69 County Courts act 1984 £????? Court fee £120 Total £???? Plus interest pursuant to s.69 county courts act 1984 from date of issue to date of judgement/settlement at £???? per day. It then goes on to instruct me to 'enter daily rate(charges+od interest)x 0.00022 pence per day. I am having real trouble understanding it all!!
  24. I don't know which one applies to me.What is the difference?
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