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  1. I would say that your calculations are correct, and you should certainly be pushing for a much higher settlement on Loan 1 then they have made.
  2. Numerous posts have been removed from this thread due to being "off-topic", please ensure that future posts on this thread relate to the discussion of issues regarding the test case as outlined by the opening poster.
  3. May not get you anywhere, but have you tried Trading Standards?
  4. Companies do not "close down" discussions. If a thread is closed then it is closed by the site team for a reason. Either it is because there is a potential legal issue that needs investigating - in which case the closure MAY be temporary. Otherwise it is because there has been a breach (or possible breach) of site rules. If CAG closed down every thread simply because a company demanded it, then I can assure you we would see many more threads closed. At the same time it is important to remember that we have legal duty to remove any defamatory content in an "expedient" manner, as soon as we
  5. The thread was temporarily closed whilst it was reviewed by site admin. As you only emailed admin at 5.33pm to ask why it was closed, it would have perhaps been more polite to wait more than 10 minutes for a response before accusing the site of censorship.
  6. The best "why I should receive a free CAG mug" story competition hasn't started yet - but I am sure your entry will be given full consideration.
  7. Just in case you feel guilty about claiming. - The Consumer Forums
  8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/letter-templates/131250-dca-creditor-harassment-telephone.html
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/campaign/222449-great-cag-slogan-mug.html
  10. We have decided to launch two great competitions. Firstly, we need your help to find a slogan to use for a CAG mug. Once we have a good batch of suggestions we will decide on the one we think is the best, and the winner will receive the first mug when they have been printed. The second competition will be for when the mugs have been produced, and that will be a photo competition for which we have not yet decided on the prize. But the winner will be the best photo of a CAG mug being used in a bank - or some other major financial institution. More details on this after we have the mugs
  11. Console - I presume from what you say that you are working with consumer credit agreements (you mention "loans"), do you hold a consumer credit licence?
  12. Hmm - my most recent letter was to an address in North London.
  13. On the one hand I am disappointed - on the other hand the ball is now back in Derby City Council's court as I had expected it would be, and at least they are obliged to properly discuss the issue. The court have accepted the explanation of the bailiff - however I am shocked that the judge did not question the fact that he has only provided generic paperwork with his submission - and the statement he has made to the court contains several things that are at a considerable variance with our version of events. Clearly the judge has decided that my wife is a liar - and that Mr Warlow is
  14. If the reason your account was closed was down to issues arising from charging then complain to the FOS. Some members have been awarded compensation - generally not very much, but if they have been unreasonable then make them pay. If you decide to do that however, please can you start another thread.
  15. Another consideration is that they are actually making a sensible financial decision - I realise that this would be an unusual concept, but bear with me. Interest rates are currently at an all time low. Each charge of £38 could be attracting interest of 8% for the claimant (and possibly much more if the banks have to pay restitution) - therefore this is not good business for the banks if they know they are likely to have to repay charges they are currently levying at an inflated rate.
  16. Banking group RBS-NatWest - majority owned by the taxpayer - has broken ranks with the rest of the industry and decided to slash its overdraft charges. The move comes ahead of a decision of the new Supreme Court on whether or not the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) can regulate these charges. From 1 October, RBS and NatWest customers will be charged only £5 for having a cheque bounced, down from £38. The fee for paying an item on an overdrawn account falls in half to £15. BBC NEWS | Business | RBS-NatWest slash overdraft fees
  17. BBC NEWS | Business | RBS-NatWest slash overdraft fees
  18. That's a very good point - I have noticed that very often when a customer asks if an item will arrive the next day, the reply really pushes that first class is not a guaranteed service and the only way to be sure that it will arrive the next day is by paying for special delivery. Coincidence - I think not. Seems that DCA's and banks are not the only places that provide their staff with scripts?
  19. But all you get back is the premium - if you got consequential loss, or compensation for all the phone calls and hassle that the delay caused then I could see some value in it. Here's another analogy. I will "guarantee" to send you the name of the winner for the 2.30pm at Haydock for a mere £20 - and what's more, if it does not win then I will give you the £20 back. A few hundred punters taking that offer would leave me with a very nice sum - and all I need to do is send a different named horse in rotation. Regardless of how many of the £20's I have to give back I am going to b
  20. Another missed deadline for me - it is becoming a regular occurrence these days. Royal Mail are really taking the wotsit with Special Delivery. I have to say that it is a total rip-off when you actually look at what this "service" provides. Before the days of Special Delivery we had a postal service which, when you put a first class stamp on an item, would do its utmost to ensure it would arrive before 9am the next day. Royal Mail then introduces a service where you pay extra money to guarantee that your item will arrive before a certain time, and if it does not then you will get yo
  21. I think this is a key point to argue - the government forget that the present system allows for a high level of personal care at a very cheap price. If the TRUE cost of the care we give was to be quantified I am sure this dreadful Green Paper would be consigned to the waste paper basket very quickly.
  22. Yes - it says "Amount due (including court fee and any adjudication costs) £80.00" It has been issued, and was authorised on 3rd July. As I noted above, it was not received until Tuesday (1st Sept). I have now attached an edited copy of the warrant. Warrant.pdf
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