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  1. It may be worth raising it with your card issuer. It depends on the specific bank, but some do offer to refund when things like this happen.
  2. In relation to refunds from BT, I did have a similar problem where I was overcharged. In my case though I just accepted that it would be corrected on my next bill, and it was.
  3. You would rightly think that BT would have a fully wired up system, and that one person would be able to deal with a issue such as this. However they seem to have small departments that deal with different things, and when the customer care team need to resolve a complex issue, they have to contact each department separately. As far as their overseas call centre is concerned, they seem also to only have access to a small part of a customers account - no doubt due to data protection issues. This makes it even more frustrating as they often cannot even answer the simplest of questions. From
  4. I would suggest contacting the person you spoke to at the CAB. I expect that the person they spoke to has had to send various requests to different departments at BT, and it may take a few more days to show as being resolved on your account. Unfortunately BT are a massive company, and when one thing goes wrong it knocks on to several other departments. At least the CAB will be able to speak to someone that can check across departments to check that it is being sorted.
  5. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?729-Major-technical-headache-for-ASDA-Home-Delivery-service
  6. The problem is that we do not know what has happened. The SD was issued in time by 1st Credit, but as we have had no updates from the poster as to what has happened since, we cannot say that the SD was wrongly issued, or know whether 1st Credit have taken the matter further. It always concerns me when threads like this go quiet - it often means that things have either been resolved, or gone pear-shaped. As 42man says above, 1st Credit do carry through on stat demands, and where the debtor does not attempt to negotiate they do push for bankruptcy. Whether this was the case historicall
  7. The OFT has taken enforcement action against used car buying company webuyanycar.com over concerns that its online valuations were misleading. http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2011/46-11
  8. Update on this GadgetWarehouse, or Gadget Warehouse, (ebay user ID - gadgetwarehouseuk) fiasco. It is now the third day after the replacement battery was said to have been posted by 1st Class Post. The postman has just delivered, but he has no battery for me. Clearly this company receives an abysmal service from Royal Mail, and I am surprised they have not complained. I will report back tomorrow.
  9. On 8th March I ordered a battery for my smartphone from gadgetwarehouseuk, through eBay. Due to an error at their end the wrong battery was sent - these things happen. After contacting their customer services department I had an email back from a chap called "Dave", who asked me to return the battery and enclose a receipt for the return postage, which would be refunded. So far so good. Luckily I sent it back by recorded delivery, and it was signed for by them on 16th. I did say at the time I notified them of their error that I needed this urgently - yet they took until 22nd to a
  10. We will be meeting at the Freemasons Arms near to Hampstead Heath from 12noon onwards. Weather permitting we will have a walk over Hamstead Heath, and then meet up again later at another local pub.
  11. It is also quite interesting to note that during the ordering process you can get an emailed response to an emailed message within about 20/30 minutes of sending it - yet when you are unhappy with their service they suddenly go very quiet. My email from 1.24pm today remains unanswered, as does my email at 4.32pm.
  12. Just wondering how Orange Business compare with other companies for sheer incompetence, and failure to keep promises. Their website makes great promises about how quickly they can process your order - yet my order was not looked at until so late the following day that delivery had to be put back 24 hours. Not a good start, but I can live with it. Anyway, the phone turned up on time, only it was faulty, and the handset and charger had to be replaced. Still, I was promised that the new handset and charger would arrive today by 1pm. It transpires that the delivery driver either mis
  13. The post has been temporarily removed in order to check its validity. I must admit, I am a little surprised that you would suggest CAG is censored since you have been with us since May 2006 and understand the culture and legal framework within which we work. The message in question was the first post from a user that joined 19 minutes before the post was made (probably about the time it took to type), and logged off nine minutes after posting - so has not even stayed around for any replies. Along with aspects about the contents of the post, it all adds up to creating a concern about the p
  14. http://www.ico.gov.uk/notify/self/question1.html Let's work it through then: Q1 - YES, you are obtaining the full name and contact details through your website. Q2 - YES - it goes without saying that the data is sent to your computer. Q3 - YES - it is your website, so you have control on what happens to the data. Q4 - Possibly NO - but the list notes that it is not an exhaustive list. But to be fair, we will say NO. Q5 - Clearly NO - your website is not just for your own family. Q6 - Clearly NO - you are not compiling a public register. Q7 - NO - you would not be in busin
  15. Just to put everyone's minds at rest about the above data protection issue. I gather that All Seasons are dealing with their "administrative error", and I have been assured by Mr Bell that as NPA is not a limited company, and just a broker, he is "sorry to say" that he is "exempt from the ICO ruling". He also says that, "All info we receive is always treated in the highest of confidentiality". I am sure that this will reassure everyone that he is complying with the law, and that a website which contains a form on which you enter your name, address, telephone number and type of prope
  16. I notice that Andura was mentioned on MSE, but they do at least have their own website, and I did not see any immediate connection. Is there one, if so, what is it exactly?
  17. Yes you are right. I see that neither All Seasons Wall Systems, or Never Paint Again, appear on the Data Protection Register. So the Never Paint Again website is operating illegally, and unless All Seasons Wall Systems are using an ancient card index system to record everything then they are too. Well! Well! Who would have thought it?
  18. I think it would help everyone if the NPA website clearly identified what involvement they have, and which company is actually carrying out the work. It is worth noting that ASWS only give the NPA website on their paperwork. It also seems from the above that neither company are involved in this contract. To me this is not a transparent way of doing business. If NPA want us to back away from discussing this issue then clarify on your website which company does the work, who the contract is with, and what their direct contact details are - including registered office etc. For total transpar
  19. I think it is important to discuss this issue as I understand there have been some problems with companies obtained through the NPA website. Whilst I accept that it is annoying that people get confused between the NPA site and the contractors that carry out the work. It is a valid question to ask as to whether NPA seek to verify the quality of the contractors that they promote.
  20. Do not tell them that you are recording the call for "training purposes", as you are clearly not and you could actually cause yourself legal problems later as you may be restricting your options. If you are recording the call then be open about it, and tell them the real reason. Also remember that you have no legal requirement to disclose that you are recording the calls at all, providing that it is for your own personal use (including use as evidence later), and not for publication etc.
  21. If you have a genuine complaint with postage costs, condition of the packaging, or genuineness of the product bought, then mark the seller down on their Detailed Seller Ratings. This has a direct effect on their status with Ebay, and getting a few marks of one or two moves their listings down significantly. The seller will also not know who left the low marks - unlike with the feedback itself.
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