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  1. It is an interesting picture that is starting to form. Thermagas Ltd have not filed their accounts this year, but are based in Essex, not Chorley. Thermagas Heating Ltd are based in Chorley, but are showing as "Dormant". With all their different trading styles it may be that they are actually unincorporated, which will make things much more interesting when it comes to enforcing any judgement. I wonder if anyone can join the dots for me. I have seen something mentioned about "M W Distributions" being linked as well. I cannot believe that Chris Whalley is the only person involved, eve
  2. Well, another day goes by, and Thermagas, Thermagas Heating Ltd, Thermagas Spares Centre Ltd or thermagasplc.com, warmorwet.com, or whatever they want to call themselves, have now decided that the best approach is to totally ignore my requests for a resolution. I have offered Christine Whalley (Director), or Chris Whalley as she calls herself, a further week to come up with a solution, but they have made no attempt to agree a date to come and inspect the gas fire. It would seem that this company has no idea of their responsibilities under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. From the look of it I
  3. The claim has already been issued. Thermagas just wish to delegate the whole issue to the manufacturers, and have failed to make any agreement whatsoever to resolve the matter. Their exact words are, "..the fire must be left in place for it to be tested for whatever the alleged fault is and a proper determination is made", yet they have failed to make any attempt to carry out this inspection. The original issue was raised with them on 8th March, and the only attempt to diagnose the problem has been by telephone - they have had 5 weeks. SoGA requires that repairs be carried out i
  4. Well, had a message last night from Arthur Wright, CEO of Sirocco, again stating that they have no parts so cannot repair the fire, and also accusing me of being unreasonable. Somewhere, someone is missing the point. My contract is with Thermagas, and they have duties under the Sale of Goods Act. I have no contract with Sirocco whatsoever, yet Thermagas seem to believe they can sit back and do nothing. The facts are simple, these gas fires are still being sold and are in stock. I understand that the fires are supplied by the manufacturer directly when an order is placed. Logic there
  5. Thermagas promised that a manger from Sirocco would call me back either last night or this morning. No call, no email, no surprise! The issue as far as I am concerned is clear cut. Sirocco will not send out an engineer to inspect the fire, Thermagas (warmorwet.com) will not accept the fire back without an in situ inspection. So, it is a clear stand-off. Claim now issued against Thermagas Ltd under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended).
  6. I recently bought a Royal 400 Solo Gas Fire from warmorwet.com (Thermagas Ltd). When my Gas Safe engineer came to do the installation it became clear that the fire was faulty. He diagnosed it as a faulty gas valve. I suppose I should have then smelled a rat when I contacted Thermagas to report the fault, as they said they were not responsible and directed me to the Sirocco Fires (the manufacturer) premium rate support line, which charges £1 per minute! Eventually however, after I said I was not prepared to pay for a premium rate telephone call, and that it was their responsibility to
  7. As it is the same car I would say that it breaches the rules - certainly it is against the spirit.
  8. Having a trawl round the internet, it looks as though the attempts to get hold of the trust funds are still going through the Jamaican Court of Appeal. A case was listed or w/c 4th June, but I cannot find any details.
  9. The last I heard from the FFCT liquidators was in February, and that was just a copy of a letter to creditors that was sent out in October last year. The court had instructed the liquidator to do a full audit of the trust fund, but there has been no update that I am aware of - have you seen anything more recent?
  10. I had the misfortune to book this hotel, and would advise anyone to avoid it. This is my TA review: The links below provide more reviews, and the EXTREMELY misleading website for the hotel - indeed the cost for breakfast has risen to £5 since it was last updated, the TV's in the rooms do not work, and my room certainly did not include tea and coffee making facilities. There are plenty of budget hotels in the London area that offer a comfortable place to stay - this is NOT one of them! http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g1934185-d1013924-Reviews-Mary_Rose_Inn-Orpin
  11. Since each day we are filmed and watched by cameras everywhere, and we are monitored and recorded on the phone for many legal reasons, being violated and spied upon is part of modern day life. You are entitled to your opinion, but as far as I and Ofcom are concerned, the recording of calls under these circumstances is perfectly legal. If you have the resources and legal knowledge to try and create some caselaw to the contrary, then please feel free to give me a call - although of course you will already know that your call is being recorded, and in any case I am ex-directory.
  12. Okay...let's try ofcom then: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/static/archive/oftel/consumer/advice/faqs/prvfaq3.htm I record all calls for my own purposes - just as CAG advise all users to do when the are able. One of those purposes is to settle any dispute over what someone may have agreed verbally. Quite correctly, I will inform the caller concerned IF a dispute occurs at a later date that I have a recording of the call. Generally that settles the issue and there is no need for further disclosure. As far as using such evidence in court, yes, it is correct that the other party may not a
  13. Had a call from Motability yesterday, and they are not happy at all with the treatment that we have had. I gather that discussions are taking place with senior management at Bristol Street over their procedures. As yet, I have not had any further contact from Bristol Street, but I have told Motability that I expect a full explanation of why their Motability accredited staff are misrepresenting Motability policy, and why I was persistently lied to by at least two members of their staff. I also require assurances that this will not happen again at the company. I also wish to discuss the time, an
  14. Interesting article: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article740615.ece This is pretty much the opinion that we have obtained.
  15. The problem is that it takes about two months for a new car to arrive at the showroom from the manufacturer. In relation to recording telephone calls it is perfectly legal for an individual to record their own calls for their own personal use - and personal use would include verifying facts in a legal case or consumer dispute. Personal use is also likely to include posting exerts on your own Internet blog, or on a forum. On the other hand, a company or organisation MUST advise an individual, and must also adhere to data protection legislation regarding the use they make of such a rec
  16. Well, the lies continue. It seems that Ted (see below) has now gone on holiday - strange when he was supposed to be handing a car over to me today! Just had a chap on the phone from Bristol Street Derby, who basically said nothing. He can't speak to Phil Bexon (again, see below), and he can't now speak to Ted - very convenient indeed. Other than to acknowledge that I have complained, I cannot really see why he bothered to call. Complaint now made to Motability - lets see if they are going to condone their trained and accredited dealers telling lies to customers? This is the lett
  17. Be warned, Bristol Street Motors Derby are a total shambles, and have let us down badly with our replacement Motability vehicle. I suppose we should have smelled a rat when we booked a test drive a few months ago. Initially no record was made of the booking, so we were left waiting in vain for the car arriving. When we asked about where the car was we were told that no booking had been made (although we had received a confirmation), and that nobody could come out that day. It took another week to organise a new test drive, only for the salesman to turn up saying he was short of time
  18. Limitation on a martgage debt is 12 years, and I am guessing that it works both ways.
  19. Just a thought. From my experience family loans would not normally be classed as income, but I think I can see why they may have made the decision. Firstly, if the loan was substantial, and there was no immediate provable agreement to refund, this may cause questions to be asked. This will be especially so when the amounts start to get near the £6 savings limit. Another thing that worries me is that you say your mother loaned you money "most months". This may be being questioned as a "regular income", and not a "loan", which would be more likely to be a one-off, or occasional thing.
  20. Sorry to see what you are going through, however I would suggest that you need to get some legal, as well as benefit advice. My feeling is that you need to speak to the Citizen's Advice Bureau, who have advisor's that can give you the help you need to get through this. They will also be able to get direct contact with supervisors and managers at the various agencies, and hopefully unravel some of this for you. They can be contacted on 08444 111 444, or look for your local office - if you cannot find the number your local library will have it. Let us know what they say, and I am sure that
  21. It depends on the administrators, and what financial arrangements have been made. I am presuming that the old company has gone into liquidation, and a new company has been set up. Legally the debts remain with the old company, but part of the buy-out may have included a clause to deal with customers like yourself. Very often administrators just wash their hands of these things, and leave people to join the queue with the other creditors. They take the view that the money from the buy-out should be distributed amongst ALL creditors equally (or as the law allows), rather than offer more goodwill
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