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  1. This is an interesting point. I cannot see how a third-party (the buyer of the debt) can possibly take legal action as the debtor has not made any contract with them. Having said that, it would be possible that the agency my TRY to, on the basis that the debtor is more than likely going to just admit the claim. Of course, should the debtor put in a defence on the two legal arguments that a) the plaintiff has no contract, and b) this claim is already lodged as an outstanding CCJ, I would expect the claim to get thrown out. Please however note that this is the view of a lay perso
  2. Really, I suppose the question is, what could the bank claim as justifyable expenditure? Or do I just claim for the whole amount, and wait for them to prove how much the manual intervention cost?
  3. Can somebody please clarify about the 8%. On the spreadsheet it says that you should not request (or even mention) the 8% interest until you start the CC claim. Does this mean that the bank would only have to refund the actual fees taken should they decide to settle within the 14+14 days? Am I interpretting this correctly?
  4. This seems to be Abbey's approach at the moment. To be honest, they have clearly received your cheque - otherwise they could not have been able to return it. I would have thought a copy of your letter and their reply would be enough evidence for any action through the IC. I wonder if Abbey are doing this to try to deflect people into doing something wrong. Clearly when people have followed the FAQ exactly, the banks have no defence. By trying to get people to send additional letters, or make follow-up phone calls, it is possible that they may inadvertantly give them extra time
  5. I think it simply comes down to "staying power". If only 50% drop out when they realise their bank is not going to roll over easily, then they have saved money overall.
  6. All newspapers run promotions in a bid to win the circulation war. They range from offers for commemorative plates, first day covers, DVD's etc. These may be initially free, or token collect, but the aim is that you might consider buying more from the supplier afterwards. These are generally fine, so the worst thing that happens is you are put on a mailing list. However, the big problem comes with the promotions for cheap holidays (that are never quite as cheap as they claim on the front page), or flights (which are never to the place you ask for - and usually require the payment of huge
  7. A "Newspaper Promotion" forum would be most welcome. Don't get me started on the subject of "Cheap Flight" offers!!!
  8. "Wow" is the word! Great look...but why the change to "Consumer"?
  9. Where manual intervention has occured, eg due to a bank taking legal action against mortgage arrears, what would be acceptable as reasonable charges by the bank in these situations: 1) Original case, where CC fees are approx £500, but would include solicitors costs and staff time. Bank charged £1500 for this. 2) Subsequent reissue of possession order fee is £25 (presumably again this would include staff time and maybe a letter/form. Bank charged £300 for this. Thanks in anticipation.
  10. Hi, and thanks for the advice. I have had mixed responses from branch staff locally. The ones who have been there for some time are great and very friendly. However, I do find that their response to anything out of the ordinary is to direct you to the call-centre telephones. The best one recently though, was when I wanted to present a cheque for Special Clearance. The account I have has a five-day clearance time for cheques, and I wanted to request faster clearance for one cheque - the value of the cheque was such that I was prepared to pay the fee. Anyway, I was told that it co
  11. It is a great feeling to be able to turn the tables. I have just put in my request yesterday via e-banking, and am now awaiting their acknowledement. In hindsight though, I wish I had gone down the DPA route. How long should we be giving them to send the statements ordered through e-banking before following up with a DPA request?
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