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  1. I am just about to begin my claim process against HBOS and have just registered on this site. I was charged £35 for a returned DD and the payee made a charge as well that amounted to £20 - £55 for being over my overdraft limit for less than 24 hours! Apparently, the DD's, SO's and cheques presented on any particular business day are deducted FIRST before any credits to your account; this is what has happened to me on more than one occassion. Plus each item returned is £35. Can I claim from HBOS the charges levied by the payee? TIA IS BIG BUSINESS BAD BUSINESS:confused:
  2. Andrew1 I read your reply re: writing to a Director of the bank and like the tactic. I am just about to embark upon this claiming process for unlawful charges that have been made on my accounts and intend to write to the Chairman of the bank. I do believe like you, in going straight to the top as this often gets results quicker and with less hassle/work involved for me.
  3. Thanks for this information; as usual it's CAVEAT EMPTOR!!
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