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  1. I recieved a letter from Lloyds stating they will be putting £750 into my account as settlement of my claim of £1866 for unfair charges. They stated that they consider this their final word on the matter and if I wish to take the matter further that I should got to the Financial Ombudsman. Of course I am not going to accept this offer as it is, and would be happy to accept £1500. I would like to phone the bank and let them know this, hoping that they will agree to settle at this amount. But I'm worried that as they said the letter was their last word, that they wont even listen to my
  2. Hi folks! New to this forum so hello all and sorry if this has been asked before. I live in Scotland, but have relatives who live in Wales. Could I use Moneyclaim, and have my documents sent to Wales. Then I could get them to forward them on to me up here? Or is the address required to be the one where I live? Many thanks for your help!!!
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