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  1. can anyone give me some advice. I admit i am in alot of debt with my council tax for reasons i don't want to reveal. I have been paying this debt of every month at £70 for the last year. Now yesterday i got a letter through my door from the bailiffs saying i owe such and such amount and that to phone them. I phone them as soon as i saw the letter and they want £300 within the next 7days and then £300 a month afterwards, i have gotten all this because i missed ONE payment last month which was an honest mistake because i get paid on the 31st of each month so my rent and council tax has to be paid that day otherwise i'm in a months debt even if i paid it the next day (apparently this i was told yesterday). Because where i work the companies have changed over lot of people didn't get paid that day including me we got paid a few days later and as soon as i did i paid the £70 but i didnt realise they would be taking it off this months payment and not last months which it was for, now i didn't realise this until i phone the council and they told me the information above. Now i really think this action was very rash and unfair all i did was pay the £70 a few days late and i get the bailiffs turning up demaring money i haven't got. I'm a single parent and only work part time i also have 3 teenage children so its hard enough already on my wages and after paying for food, rent, and other bills i do not have £300 to pay this in a week let alone again each month for god knows how long, even if i cut things out the big payment i can make a month is £100 but they will not accept it and want the full £300 otherwise they will be removing goods. could anyone give me some advice as i really haven't a clue what to do now, this is an added stress i really could do without at the moment.
  2. just found out this site after watching gmtv and now i'm looking to reclaim my unfair charges from my bank unfornately i dont know all the charges i have paid in the last 6 years but in the last 3 months alone i have had to pay £245 so i would hate to think how much charges i have paid in the last 6 years.
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