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  1. ah i see, so we just wait then? Will there be announcements?
  2. What do we do now? I must admit I haven't been keeping up with this, last time I came on here was probably around feb this year as i wasn't hearing any positive feedback on what we need to do next. In fact it just seemed like we all had lost a long and expensive battle! so is there any new glimmer of hope for those us who have been fighting for 4 years or more, or do we just give up now and forget about getting our bank charges back??
  3. Thanks Martin. So do i need to reply to them reminding them that it is not closed and its still in the court?
  4. The full letter is on pg 1. They have said: "If we do not hear from you within 8 weeks of this letter we will regard your complaint as closed."
  5. Yes I think thats exactly what they are doing! I am worried what will happen though if i do not respond in the given time frame???
  6. I'm not 100% sure, are the stays just getting lifted now that the OFT lost???
  7. Yes thats true, good points. So how do i address my issue then? As I do not want my case to have all been in vain?
  8. Do you have a link???
  9. Ok, the thing is I do not want to close the case as we all know the charges are unfair, whether the OFT are helping or not. So how do I go about responding to this, seeing as I like everyone else is waiting for a loophole?
  10. Martin, the last information I have had from the courts was when my case got stayed in 2007, I think it was. Nothing at all has come from the court.
  11. Ok, let me know how you get on.
  12. Thanks for the reply, ok so:- Two accounts savings and current with Natwest. My case went all the way, I even got an offer of almost 2 thirds of my claim, but following the advice I pushed it and went all the way (now in hindsight I wish I had just taken it) They were both stayed pending the appeal. This is the letter dated 7 Jan 2010 We refer to your complaint relating to unarranged overdraft charges which was previously on hold under the terms of the FSA Waiver. The Waiver has now lapsed and we are therefore writing to you to respond to your complaint. We consider your co
  13. I've been watching the announcements - nothing, also i'm now on a time frame; any help on this would be really appreciated, i have pm'd you too..........
  14. I have a time limit; on the letters I have to respond within a certain amount of time. Can anyone tell me what the situation is with rewriting the whole way to make the claim? I dont seem to see any announcements on it, have we all been forgotten??? I need to do this asap or my whole claim that has been going on for almost 4 years is going to get closed.
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