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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks to everyone who sent messages to me with help. I managed to get it repaired and get Currys to pay for the repair plus depreciated credit too. A good result all round even if it did take a couple of months. Kind regards Freya x
  3. Big Blue One what is the correct info I still haven't got my fridge fixed 2 weeks on. They told me to find out whats wrong with it get the part and have it fixed.In other words do it myself, Currys are officially crap. I have no idea what to do next. Freya
  4. hi everyone I had a small debt with NTL which they were good enough to reduce to £85. Due to harassment from Moorcroft they removed the debt altogether. I had sent 3 postdated cheques out to Moorcroft before this happened. They have cashed one of the cheques already and I am afraid that they will cash the others leaving me overdrawn. I have written to them asking them to refund the cheque they cashed and send me the 2 as yet un cashed back to me.They wont answer my emails or letters and they wont deal with it by phone. Can anyone help me, tell me where I go from here. David Burdett
  5. Thanks for your help I have emailed them I will now wait to here what they say . I had previously spoken to them on the telephone they told me it was not their problem. I would have to contact the repairs telephone number and pay for the repair myself.I will let you know what happens.Thanks again Freya.
  6. hi does anyone out there work for whirlpool? I purchased a whirlpool side by side fridge freezer 18 months ago the temperature in the fridge side will not work properly although it shows -24 on the freezer side and 2 on the fridge it is not at that temperature.Surely it should last longer than 18 months for domestic use I purchased it from Curry's online, Whirlpool wont repair it without charging me an arm and a leg. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Freya
  7. Hi does anyone have any idea what my rights are if any. I bought a Whirlpool American style side by side fridge freezer in August 2004 cost £700.Yesterday the fridge side stopped getting cold(in effect is useless) Currys tell me that because the guarantee is up I will have to pay for an engineer £60 an hour and a call out fee £100 and any part it may need. Surely the bloody thing should last longer than this. Any ideas please..............Thanks Freya
  8. Its all S***e whatever comes out of her mouth.Perhaps we could see what she has to say to all of us? Joanna Elson, Executive Director (020 7216 8849 ) Brian Capon, Head of Media Relations (020 7216 8810 )
  9. Hi I have had most of my benefits taken from me left us with 1-50p one week we couldn't even get it out of the bank Income Support and Child Tax Credit Lloyds TSB IS £56-20 CTC £42-98 they paid supposedly paid the direct debits 2 days before they should been before IS & CTC went in the bank then charged me for returning them £35 for each one and £25 for going overdrawn how could I have gone overdrawn if they didn't even pay the items S***s Freya
  10. Hello Loula Thank you for the support it is most welcome as is everyones on here.There is light at the end of the tunnel after all. Bankfodder, Dave and the moderators thanks too Regards Freya
  11. Dear Donna Thank you for the information I suffer from Agoraphobia I can't go outside,is there any way that my local Jobcentre could post the letter to me? My account is a classic account with LloydsTSB I use it to have my benefit paid in and to pay my bills from it.I was in credit until 2003 they knocked back a couple of DD. In 2005 when I had a problem with Income Support I had no money from them for 6 weeks just my child benefit £17-55p.The biggest problem is that I need a bank account that my daughter can get money out of she does all the shopping etc for me she uses my ATM car
  12. Hello Everyone This is my first visit as a member of this forum I have looked before but I wasn't sure if it applied to me. As a single parent (with depression and agoraphobia) for the past few years,I have lived on benefit I have a child still at school. The Lloyds TSB has taken month after month almost all of the benefit leaving us nothing to live on and no way of paying the bills they just knock them back and charge me again. If people weren't pressured into having benefits paid into the bank this wouldn't happen I could have paid so much in each week to cover my bills. It i
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