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  1. so we've won the first stage of the court hearings to bank charges. Now we all know that the banks will appeal and the judge conceded that another hearing will need to heard to determine what a fair charge is. After the appeals will the new fair fee be deducted from my claim? and also will it affect the interest on the claim? also is it true that this could go on for possibly 2 years?
  2. st helens cc judge sat our case and heard my objection to the stay and said basically unless the claimant had 2 months to live he was going to stay all cases.Does this mean that we've a good chance of losing our cases.Can't see OFT having financial backing equal to the banks.
  3. cheers boys i spoke to the court today and they said write in to tell them and they will put it before the judge so i'll detail the error in the court bundle to be upfront about it. do you think i should also inform the bank when i send them their court paper copies.
  4. i'm at the final stages of my claim and i've noticed a error in the oringinal schedule of charges. i've put down jan when it should have been june.it dosn't affect the total charge claim amount but it dose affect the interest amount by a £1.the judge want all of our paper(court bundle etc and the banks breakdowns) by the 16th of june and the court date is the 16th july.have messed up big time or can i declare the minor admin error and continue on.please advise as 8mths of work may be up in smoke.
  5. I'm at the final stages with my aclaim against my bank my court date is 16th july but with a directive order which i applied for the judge wants all our papers aswell as the banks breakdowns by the 16th of june.the problem is that while getting all the paperwork together with the court bundle we've noticed that an error in a charge date. i accidently put down jan when it should have been june.the charge total doen't change but the interest amount is out by a £1.what do i do has 8mths of work gone down the drain,will the bank depend on this minor error to have the case aquited before its even started.please advise
  6. could someone clear up a slight problem regarding the draft of directions letter i understand A and B but where do i get C and D from? i'm ready to send my AQ back but feel this is nesessary to get things sorted quicker. Also do i send copies of AQ and others to barclays and the court? I'm doing this case on behalf of my girlfriend and i was just wanting to know if i include myself as a witness as she doesn't want to represent herself in court if it came to that. i appreciate your opinions and help. simon
  7. can anyone confirm to who i now direct my correspondance to,either the hq or the branch with barclays.I've received my list of charges back(sent to Peter Townsend, barclays data protection ,knutsford) with the £10 cheque as well,it took about 2 weeks.The amount comes to about £1300 so i'm ready to start the ball rolling but i'm not sure who to send the letters to. many thanks lovejoyviii:confused:
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