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  1. Since my last posting I have received 'a gesture of goodwill' from the Co-Op, this was about £300 short of what I was claiming for. This was back in July 2007. As a result, I wrote a conditional rejection letter and stated that I would start court action if the difference was not met. Shortly after this the OFT made their announcement that the banks should 'hold off' on paying any further claims. Also at this time I had very little in the way of funds to continue further, so I have not done what I originally told the bank I would do (take them to court), that was until now. Since last year I have only received standard letters from the bank but no further refund. My questions are: Should I pick up on my claim where I left off and proceed with court action? Have I left it too long to do so? And, if I do go ahead should I include the new totals from the advanced calculator? The reason I ask this is because it is my fault that the claim has taken this long to get to this stage. Or, should I go with the figures that I calculated back in July. Can anyone help?
  2. Hi Big T, I got my response from the Co-Op on 12 Jan '07 about a week after it should have arrived. To top it all, the postage had not been paid! I had to pay this in order to even see who had sent the parcel. Apart from this first set back, all my stuff was in order. Did you have this problem to? How has your claim progresed? I've just calculated my charges and it came out at a huge £1500. I really had no idea.
  3. Now it's May, I've bought and read the Small Claims Book, got my statements and I think i've worked out what I am owed. £1500+, I cannot believe it (no the name's not Victor!) the co-operative have taken that much in the last few years. This figure represents just over half my overdraft facility, not to mention the loans i have had to cover these spiralling costs. I thought i was managing my a/c well!!!! The next step is to ask for it back. Here goes.
  4. Just been through my statements, and got more than confused about what to claim for. Found this thread and found it useful. One other charge I don't think was mentioned was one called "Fees". At first I wasn't sure what it was. I read through the thing the Co-Op call a "note pad". It's a comprehensive list of all conversations I had with the Co-Op. It came came with all my statements as a result of my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request). "Fees" in my case, referred to extra statements that I ordered every month (so I could keep tabs on my a/c more regularly!!). This was a "Fee" of £0.50 per extra statement. Hope this helps. PS Just used the Simple and Complex calculators and think I might be owed something in the region of £1500. Just goes to show how much you can be fleeced and how deviously subtle the Banks are at what basically amounts to (edit) ! My a/c was in credit for the first three and a half years of my claim, most charges relate to recent problems. So much for Customer Care.
  5. Co-Op sent me a response to my S.A.R. and told me that I would be receiving my response 7 days later than when it should be delivered. Anyone got any thoughts, should I just be really hard and report them if my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) turns up 7 days late? Should I be reasonable given the Christmas holidays?
  6. Co-Op sent me a response to my S.A.R. and told me that I would be receiving my response 7 days later than when it should be delivered. Anyone got any thoughts, should I just be really hard and report them if my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) turns up 7 days late? Should I be reasonable given the Christmas holidays?
  7. Thanks for your patience Barracad. Much appreciated.
  8. Thanks Barracad, I think i'm being really thick. Sorry. Does this mean; 40 days from when they receive my request and cheque (ie payment) OR 40 days from when they receive my request and actually get the money in their account. I'm sorry to bang on about this but the above 2 options are 7 days apart. Regards
  9. Hi anyone! I have just received a response from the Co-Op with regard to my S.A.R.. The bank have responded and said that they have received the S.A.R. and will respond within the next 40days. So far so good. What I would like to know is, exactly at what point does the 40 days start. Is it; i) From the day the bank received my S.A.R. (in this case 22nd Nov by recorded delivery) with payment, or ii) from the day the bank received payment (I paid by Co-Op cheque to the Co-Op and it took 7days to process this) in this case 29th Nov, or iii) as the bank has told me, 40days from them writing their acknowledgement response (29th Nov) which I received on the 30th Nov? Which is right? Kind Regards
  10. Hi Big T, I'm just a few days ahead of you with my S.A.R. it will be interesting to see how we both come out of this, especially with responses and timings with the bank. Easy Buss69
  11. Nice one Gazzah cheers, I'm going all the way, if a job's worth doing it's worth doing well. I almost want to go to court so I can deffinately claim back the interest. Thanks again
  12. At what point do the 6 years back dating start? Is it when you submit your LBA or when you submit your S.A.R - (Subject Access Request)? Anyone? Tar
  13. Sorry Paulman, I to am a newbie so can only offer limited help. From your last post it looks as if you are a stage ahead of me. Lets hope a more experienced forum user answers this as it's one of my questions. I am guessing, but surely everything bar the subscription fee and monthly interest should be included in your request for settlement.
  14. Hi Paulman, the £8.00 might be your subscription fee, which gives you certain privileges such as free travel insurance. This all depends on what sort of account you have. If you have a 'privilege' or 'privilege premiere' a/c then it is almost certainly a subscription fee. not sure if this helps.
  15. Hey thanks Fiyah, bet those cigs tasted good. Personally I can't wait any longer, strangely, can't wait to get started on these b**gers, feeling empowered at the mo. Not sure what they owe me as yet, i do know that i've been charged at least £300+ in the last 2 months (they gave me a really good kicking while I was down) and this is not the first time. I'll keep you posted on this thread. Easy.
  16. Hey everyone, found the Co-Op forum at last and about to send off S.A.R - (Subject Access Request). It's been a real eye opener reading everyones dealing with the 'Ethical Bank' (anyone want to tell me whats ethical about Unlawful charges?). Anyway it's filled me with confidence to procede. I do have a couple of questions if anybody can help. 1. I have a Privilege a/c with an overdraft of £2800 which is used to the hilt every month. I also have a £4500 loan with the Co-Op. Now with regard to umbrella a/c's has anyone been forced to repay amounts such as the above and/ or xfer this debt to an umbrella a/c successfully, as this is alot of dosh? 2. In the past unlawful charges have caused my a/c to tip over the agreed overdraft limit and subsequently be charged more unlawful charges the following month. My immediate remedy for this was to extend the overdraft limit to stop any future penalties but this was at a cost. Can I reclaim the cost of the extended overdraft seeing as penalty charges were the reason that the a/c went over in the first place. Any help would be greatly appreciated Viva all you Co-Op Claimers Respect.
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