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  1. Ive had 4 over the past 2 days. 4 of the same email that is.
  2. Hi Guys, I was hoping some1 may be able to help me regarding Log Book Loans and their somewhat greedy charges. £20 letter fees £10 phone calls. Has any1 actually had these back in the courts ??? Im sure they must be on very dodgy ground with them . Also, Ive been told alot of their credit agreements dont stand up either, especially those issued when the company 1st startred out. Ive so far been unable to get them to send me copies of mine, has any1 successfully argued these agreements are invalid in court. Im sure the info is all in the threads however ive got a hearin
  3. i supose it depends how you paid the fee. I paid by visa over the phone. I supose its a bit naughty but when they refused to refund me I contacted my bank and disputed the transaction. I got a full refund within days. If i had allowed tennant loans to deal with it i doubt i ever wouold have got my money back
  4. i got my money back from them, just ring your bank and query the card transaction if they dont give it you back which they wont, i know its a bit naughty doing that but what they are doing is misleading and taking advantage of people who are unable to get credit from regular sources. To my mind that makes up 4 a little white lie to your bank!!!
  5. Another thing ive discovered about them is that when you apply through them they submit your application to loads of different lenders who all then perform credit checks individually on you, that obviously creates loads of footprints on your credit file which isnt good. Most so called brokers do a credit check themselves and use the information to place you with a lender not tennant loans, basically all they do is pick numbers out the phone book and you pay £50 for basically receiving no service what so ever. I would give them a very wide birth if i were you.
  6. i thought hsbc were trying to help me out when i got a managed loan and how they were always so prepared to add other hsbc debt into this loan. 7 years on my balance has gone from 9500 to 7900, they put me on low payments of £70 per month, i pay that £70 they add £40 odd interest, i feel like letting them default me as im never gonna get anywhere with it
  7. Back in 2001 i took out a personal loan with HSBC, 2 years passed with no missed payments then my company decided to change the payroll date meaning I could not pay the loan on the designated day and subsequently the payment was missed. In an attempt to do the right thing I went into the branch and spoke to lending officer, she told me under no circumstances would they permit a missed payment and the only assistance she could offer would be to rejig the loan into a manged loan, I explained about my payroll and promised to make payment in 2 weeks when my new payday came. NO no no sorry managed
  8. Was clearly told that if i did not have a bt line to connect to i would have to pay a fee to have sky installed. £25 extra i think. Was also told that sky would not work through NTL phone socket I dont have a BT and all my interactive services including pay per view movies work fine through a NTL socket.
  9. re gulf air, problem is the fare you purchased was obviously restricted as most econmony tickets are in some way. Its a passngers responsibility to ensure they are covered the relevant visa before purchasing a ticket. The fact that u cancelled 8 days prior is not relevant as fare rules and cancellation charges are applicable from the second the ticket is issued, so you still be charged if you cancelled 11months in advance. Only possibility of getting it back is if fistly the reservations agent didnt correctly advise you of the cancellation policy, or internet site did not adequatly draw you
  10. any relevant cancellation charges should be shown on the endorsements box on your ticket or eticket confirmation, if the rules of the fare you purchase state the cancelleation charge which most cheaper fares do then you dont have a leg to stand on sadly
  11. BA charge a service fee for issuing a refund on any ticket regardless of if its fare or taxation refund, only exception I think is on full fares that allow full refunds without charges. If a flight is cancelled and you are not rebooked then you should receive the full ticket cost back without any fees. Often at BA we issue passengers with further transportation vouchers if they want tax refunds. these normally come in the form of an MCO for further transportation. Fees although policy are enforced with a certain level of discretion so its always worth being nice to the person you are speakin
  12. you can use a visa debit card, what the hotel normally does is pre authorise say £200 on your debit card to cover expenses incurred
  13. Despite what SKY tell you over the phone it is not neccessary to have a BT line or infact anyline at all. I have NTL line and when they came out to fit my dish the instillation man told me sky just say you must be connected to a phone line so you will be tempted to buy pay per view movies, sure enough when i unplugged the phone connection it still works fine. The £25 fee sky charged as I wasnt connected to a BT line on instillation however is proving to be difficult to get refunded
  14. Compensation would have been paid to you if you hadnt got reprotected onto another flight. Normally at BA its something like £250 Denied Boarding Compensation but thats only if you dont fly at all. 7 hours later is a delay for which you should have been given catering vouchers but thats about it. Those by the way are not policies of individual airlines they are set by IATA and CAA.
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