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  1. nettyg

    Me V HSBC

    sorry to hijack the thread hasselhoof..... but hi to castle and johnny - long time no hear eh, just passing thru the site to see what's going on these days and delighted to see that you are both still here as helpful and dedicated as ever - power to you both mwah x nettyg aka perky
  2. ok guys long time no see i know... i now need help with a private landlord issue - she's taking me to court - i'm contesting it (as usual) can anybody point me in the right direction PLLEEEAAASSSEEEEE!!!!! lol
  3. lats....just look at all your green spots!! boy i'm so proud of you sis xx
  4. hi guys... happy new year! (yeah i know i'm late but i've been busy!!!) i'm still popping in and out of here to see how y'all doing - looks like you're having a bit of a wait these days but hang on in there..... GOOD ALWAYS WINS OVER EVIL!
  5. castleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ur e still here too - yes i did get me mum to write me a note lol
  6. haven't moved yet... still going through! You know these people don't do anything quickly when there's interest to be made on other peeps dosh lol. i had noticed the avatar, but i noticed ALL those green spots first WOW lats... there's millions of em haha. good on u girl.. . keep up the good work xxx
  7. lats... i can't believe it, you're still here being a goddess to all!! bless you xx;)
  8. that will depend of course on how much you like wearing stripey clothes and eating porridge!!!! of course you should NOT take another slice - slap!!! lol
  9. hiya sis my belief that the banks REALLY REALLY don't know what they're doing has been restored lol i've missed u all xxx:(
  10. hey guys long time no see!! here's a funny thing..... back in april i had a bit of a set too via email with one heidi daniels from leeds customer services. basically i wanted my 3rd lot of charges refunded via cheque and they refused, putting said refund into an already overdrawn account. now then, today i received a cheque for £305 for said bank charges refund... making a grand total - so far - £6934 !!!! refunded haha lol whoooping for joy this is better than working lol lats... i'll pm you xxx
  11. gawd... you lot must have bags the size of sainsbury's underneath your eyes lol... glad to see your'e all still spreading the goodwill and all that - i'm watching....... from afar!! good on y'all:-D
  12. hey crusher you seem to have been a 'little invaded'!!!! i guess that's because your'e a dalek at the end of the day lol hows your claimsssssss goin?
  13. nettyg

    jimvic v HSBC

    unless it goes as far as you having to submit a court bundle, you won't need hard copies of your statements. BUT, if you do need copies, yes you can print them from online banking. don't worry about anything - you've got everything covered so far. good luck:)
  14. lol.... pinky and perky scary!!! never lol
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