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  1. hi photoman thats the one i used. however trying to find LBA template for pre 6 years and with CI. which one will you use/or have used? sorry for hyjack
  2. hi they will pay up (providing not a complicated case) two weeks before court date or there abouts. you can try settling now but i doubt very much they will entertain the idea. purely coz lots of others have imminent court dates before you.
  3. wont make any difference today in our claims as its in small claims court and precedent cannot be set. if the case today gets moved to high court then everyone will be watching with baited breath. (but i seriously doubt it will get there! the banks will do their utmost to make sure it doesnt!) so for the moment it DOES NOT affect our claims ongoing now.
  4. hi i suggest you move it to barclays forum that way get the answers on there as opposed to welcome forum.
  5. glad to see someone else dislikes UW. been with them for a year and they are without a doubt the worst energy company ive come across!!!!! i have since found out they are a network marketing company!!!!!!!!! tried to go back to bt but UW wont let me as i have to give 30 days notice. i detest them with a passion!
  6. but if you read again re bookworm in court. it was for confidentiality clause which she wasnt prepared to sign, she wasnt arguing over the settlement.
  7. any further developments on this Glenn
  8. dont see anything from bookworms post that is arrogant! she is telling you like it is, whether it a bank claim, or any other claim, the DJ will dismiss it, as we all know 99.9% barclays pay up! (and barclays are known for their form in settling claims ie 11th hour! ) so what case does the judge have to hear? sorry but i agree with bookworm.
  9. you what! :o i would do that! and make sure everyone gets paid their charges back! :D
  10. right here goes. having successfully won on personal accounts. this is 0/h buisness account, apart from the obvious ie paid referrals fees. am stuck on what i claim back. as follows Account fee? account control fee? (later this becomes paid referral fee!) renewal fee? overdraft interest? maintenance fee?
  11. in the welcome forum there is a potential claim of 135k! will find the link hold on http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-our-forum/83487-large-business-claim.html
  12. oh right? the mind does boggle? in my woolwich branch it clearly states in BARCLAYS usual that from the 4th may the woolwich bye bye.
  13. knowing good old barclays they will defend at the last hour. just the way they work. (seen it loads of times on here! and with my own claims) just play the system you will get your money back but not until you receive your court date, but having said that a nice bunch of people in litigation so the end bit will be easy. patience etc just to add they paid out on a similar site to this a whopping £29,000! claim! (and this was a normal account not a business one!) :D
  14. errr sorry they will be part of barclays as of 4th may not june.
  15. have you got a link? booky is onto it! shocking isnt it! :o
  16. still think you ought to phone aswell day is looming rapidly and knowing them yours is at the bottom of a very very big pile. they have only 3 working days to get the money to you before court. and it has to be cleared funds before court date. barclays are getting very sloppy now! :o
  17. he was on all my barclays ones aswell as barclaycard ones but wasnt the guy on any of them dealing with my claim. explains now in above post. quite high up :rolleyes: (in his backside!)
  18. hi have a read of glenn uk v abbey and bongs thread. they are pre six years. glenn has an excellent poc. last page http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/20095-glenn-abbey-21.html?highlight=Glenn+uk+v+abbey
  19. just follow your timetable not theirs! file claim claim tomorrow
  20. this is a direct number for tom hickey 0207 116 4523. ring hime and ask who is dealing with your claim. ruffhead is just a name they put on all defences. hes gone i think! barclays litigation is like a conveyor belt
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