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  1. Update: New Vax delivered from Currys yesterday. No communication from them, but can't complain - all in all, Currys fulfilled their lawful responsibilities. Just beware if they try to send you to a 3rd party for any warranty issues.
  2. The helpful link in post #2 from dx100uk on the DSR states that any help phone service must cost no more than a local call. Don't know if that is relevant to you. Doubt it is in SOGA since most of that really predates premium rate phone calls.
  3. In July 2014 I bought a Vax vacuum cleaner from Currys online, delivered to the store for pickup, at £49.99 (yes, ok cheap vacuum) Yesterday the motor burned out - terrible noise accompanied by a burning smell. Fair enough, things break and it is only 10 months old. Currys will do the right thing, I figured. £50 wasn't worth Mr. repairman assessing it and they'd just exchange - guess not. today I packed it up in the original box, along with my delivery receipt and took it to the nearest Currys superstore. Explained the situation and the Knowhow guy explained I had to tak
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