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  1. Yes,it is a great feeling!! Just to say that I've made a donation to the site - what a great cause!! All this good feeling has made me want to get out there and do something!! So in June I shall be doing a sponsored Tandem Skydive to raise money for charity!! If anyone's feeling generous you can sponsor me online Justgiving - Lisa's Sponsored Skydive Challenge!! or if anyone's feeling crazy and wants to take part, let me know and I'll give you the details!! Thanks for all your help once again!! Shall be raising a glass to CAG while I'm out tonight xx
  2. Heloooo Just to say that the cash went into the account today!!!! I've printed the statement and plan to keep it.....not sure if bf will let me frame it lol (that's what I've done with DG's letter!!!). Can't get hold of bf to tell him yet though will be making a donation this evening. Once again, thanks to this site and everybody who offered their support and advice, it's been very much appreciated. We're a young couple and this has really set us up and put us in the position to be able to save to move out now. Thanks guys, you've been great!!
  3. Hi Kealey Just to say that I claimed back my bf's charges for him and he has a loan with HSBC which he still has over £1500 on. We received full offer on Saturday and nothing by way of closing the account or claiming back the loan has been mentioned. The trend with HSBC as I understand it is to close the account if you claim a second time. Good Luck with your claim......you'll find tons of friendly and v.helpful advice here (i know i did) Lisa
  4. Hi Villafan, My bf was very tempted to settle for their first offer too but when i explained that he was still getting charges i think it p***ed him off to the point where he thought "no, it's my money.....they can get on their bike!!!!" - And low and behold we received full offer yesterday (a week before AQ deadline!!! Full Offer and Villa winning on the same day?!?! what more could i ask for?? Good Luck from your fellow Villa fan- Lisa
  5. Wellthe bargaining for the 10% frombf didn't work...his response was "i shall pay you in cuddles!".......firstly i get those anyway!and secondly I can't imagine he would have offered a solicitor that!!!! Anyway,I was reading the letter from DG and i know i need to cross out the confidentiality bit but it also says by signing 'i also agree not to make any other claims relating to charges for the period above 'is this specific to this account cause obviously i dont have any more or is this in general and therefore i cross this out too??
  6. Thanks for the messages guys Don't know how I went wrong with the 10% from bf thing!!!!! What better news to get though while you've got stinkin hangover though eh?? He has agreed to take me out to dinner when the money comes through so I suppose that's not too shabby........still not 10% though Regarding your claim....just hang in there and it will happen..... I know the waiting is painful but it's more than worth it when you get the letter from DG! Keeping my fingers crossed for a letter for you on monday!! Lexxity - I kept getting voicemail too - they are definitely there 'cause my letter was dated Friday... I think they're just bogged down with so many claims. The number on my letter is 0121 455 2701 - which isn't the one i was trying so you could give that a try on Monday......*fingers crossed* Lisa
  7. Thank you.....again I just keep thinking about all the shoes and clothes I could buy with the cash......then i remember that it's my bf's and it's all going on his credit card I knew I should have asked for 10% if we won!! *kicks self*
  8. Thanks - Is there a standard refund template letter......is it a seperate one for HSBC and DG? I have looked but can't find one.....
  9. FULL OFFER RECEIVED TODAY!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO Thank you so much to you all for your help, advice and support!! A special Thanks to Michael Browne & Lattie -great advice given, as always! I will making a donation as soon as the cash is in the bank Just a shame the bf's hungover and can't enjoy the news just yet Thanks again x P.s - Can a mod change my title to *WON* - Cheers
  10. Hi Jason, Yep deadlines are close!! I faxed breakdown of charges on Tuesday (already sent it recorded delivery when I received acknowledgement) I called them and Debbie told me it wasn't her who was dealing with it and put me through to someone......I got a voicemail for a Rachel saying she'd be back in Wednesday, I left a message and waited......and waited!! I called again yesterday and got voicemail again! Called again today and now Debbie's message says "not back in office until Monday" !!!! Where on earth are they?!? Oh well, guess I'll leave another message tomorrow......ho hum
  11. Hi MRC, You need to send your breakdown of charges to DG Solicitors - these are who are dealing with the claim now. I'd suggest faxing it over and calling them to check they've received it - this can bump your claim to the top of the pile. Alternatively you can post it recorded delivery and call them once it's been delivered. I'm in the same position, I faxed my breakdown on Monday and have left several messages but have had no reply yet. When is ur AQ deadline?
  12. Hi Jason, When's ur AQ deadline? Mine's 29th Jan - I faxed breakdown to them yesterday with a short covering sheet explaining I'd received my AQ and would be submitting before deadline - the fee of which would be added to my claim. I tried to call to see if they'd received it but got voicemail. Called today, got Debbie who said she'd put me through to someone and.......that was a voicemail too!!! So i left a message at 11am but didnt get a call back, hopefully tomorrow!!! Kepp waiting for the postie!!!
  13. Hiya, I've not heard of this happening myself. I'm claiming for £1685.50 (not including court fees) on behalf of my partner. He has an overdraft and a loan with over £1500 with HSBC and nothing's been said regarding those facilities. We've had an offer £400 short which we declined and have since submitted our claim and have until 29th Jan to submit AQ. Wouldn't worry too much - I think they start to close accounts e.t.c if you claim more than once. Good Luck!
  14. Well Splang I sincerely hope that an offer will be coming my way soon!!! I'm quite concerned that they may have made an offer but I just haven't received it!! I had someting sent out on Dec 21 which reached me on Jan 13th and something else sent on Jan 5th which reached me on Jan 11th.....and my AQ that was apparently sent on 10th Jan which I still haven't received!!! I think I'll ask them tomorrow if they have sent anything
  15. Just called DG - Got voicemail Apparently they're not in the office until tomorrow. Guess I'll try again then! Lisa
  16. Definitely pursue for the full amount, it's your money after all!!
  17. Just had a thought (I know, it's dangerous!!) but further costs have been incurred since the claim - I know I can't add these to my schedule but in the fax cover sheet would it be worth mentioning them? I did mention one £45 in the covering letter I sent to DG when I sent the charge schedule after I received acknowledgement. Any thoughts?
  18. Well I phoned the court again today as I still haven't received the AQ. They have said they will re-send. They also said the deadline is 29th Jan. I'm just faxing breakdown of charges to DG and will follow up with a call to check they've been received. Will update with what they say shortly. Lisa
  19. Lisa-19

    Alan vs HSBC

    Congrats axbreck!!! Love reading these 'I received full settlement' posts. They spur me on and keep my spirits up!!!! Well done!!!!
  20. Cheers for the help guys. I'm going to call the Court tomorrow if I still haven't received it and just ask if I can go and collect a copy from the Court.....If they send it again and they won't extend the deadline and this happens again I'm wasting time so it might just be easier. Is there a generic amount of time from the date AQ is issued to when the deadline is up? Going to fax through breakdown again tomorrow and call to check to see if they've received it and tell em I'll be filing shortly, as Lattie suggested. Hope the postie has something for me tomorrow.......he should share his luck really, it wasn't that long ago he won the lotto!!!! Fingers crossed
  21. Send DG a breakdown of your charges - recorded delivery. I believe they now have 28 days to enter a defense. Now you just wait! Good Luck
  22. Hi MissH, It's not exactly 'standard' practice not to hear until you file. Some hear after the LBA (2nd letter) - some not until after the Allocation Questionnaire. I had a response to my LBA from HSBC but not until I'd already filed my claim. My offer was £400 short of what I was asking. Their tactics differ from offer to offer. The waiting's the hard part! Good Luck
  23. Hiya, Sorry about not replying to your last post Lattie - didn't see a reply until now!!! I spoke to Debbie D who informed me it wasn't something she was dealing with, I asked if she could give me the details of who was or could she transfer me, to which she replied in a very harrassed tone that she'd take my number and get somebody to call me back shortly. A lady did call back who informed me that yes the defense was filed on the 29th and if I want to know if an AQ was filed I'd need to contact the court with the claim number. Anyway, it's now the 15th and I still haven't received my AQ!!!! The defense was filed over 2 weeks ago!!! I called the court again today and they said the AQ was sent on 10/1/07......surely i should've received it by now? Guess I'll have to call again tomorrow....again!! Lisa
  24. Hiya, Welcome to the forum I haven't done it myself but I do believe you can claim with only one name on a joint account. Also, I think HSBC's tactics are if you claim twice on the same account they're likely to close it. Not 100% sure so it'd be great if someone with a greater knowledge or first hand experience could confirm......or tell me I'm completely wrong for that matter!!
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