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  1. Well, things were going so well...the little 'un (age 2) has been in bed asleep for hours. The eldest (age 13) has been helping mum decorate the living room. The rest rest of them (ages 5, 6, 7 and eight)8) were all upstairs watching The polar Express. Oh yes, we had a plan, and the plan was working... Unfortunately, about an hour ago one of the kids developed quite serious earache, requiring my wife's undivided attention/TLC. So now we have a quandry. Little lad isn't going to be going off to sleep any time soon, and his wailing will quite probably wake the little 'un. All the presents and st
  2. I should have said that we'll be arriving at 6, not leaving then. Expect 6-6.30 for me.
  3. I'll PM you mine. We'll be leaving Fife at about 6pm and heading down theM90, over the Forth Road Bridge and on to the M8. I'm very happy to pick up anyone who wants a lift on the way. I will have my wife with me (designated driver) and am expectig to return to Fife around 1am. I have space for a further 6 people.
  4. Tonka toys used to be made of metal (steel?) and lasted forever. Now they're made of plastic. Remember the advert they had where they chucked a Tonka truck and a real truck off a cliff to see which survived? Brilliant.
  5. They still sell it, but it is just cheap tat now, not like the original 70s version. One of the reason's it was so good was that it was practically indestructible (like Tonka toys used to be - but don't get me started). The best version was the one that came with the stunt van...: EVEL KNIEVEL SCRAMBLE VAN & STUNT CYCLE 2 DOLLS & BITS on eBay, also, Other Vintage Classic Toys, Vintage Classic Toys, Toys Games (end time 06-Dec-07 23:17:03 GMT)
  6. Watch and be amazed... YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  7. BBC NEWS | World | Americas | US daredevil Evel Knievel dies Anyone of a certain age will remember the Evel Knievel stunt bike - surely the greatest boy's toy of all time...
  8. I'm not sure if a judge would hear it or not. Although not technically a bank charges claim it does rely on the same arguments. You could give the Financial Ombudsman Service a call and ask for their view. They won't handle a bank charges complaint, but they may look at this, especially if you emphasise the fact that Abbey have already given you your money back
  9. You should have made the default removal a condition of settling your original bank charges claim. The only thing really to do now issue them again for compensation for the loss you have suffered as a result of their incorrect default notice. The loss can be quantified as the difference between the interest rate you currently pay and the rate you could have if not for their default. The claim is quite straightforward and is basically a normal bank chrges claim modified to ask for compensation rather than bank charges. It's important that you specify a time period that you are claiming compensa
  10. Make sure you reduce all your bills to the lowest possible amount. Shop around for the cheapest of EVERYTHING. If you work full time then every £50 per month shaved off your bills is the equivalent of an £800 per year pay rise.
  11. You're welcome to get a run through with me. I think I'll be taking a couple of folk.
  12. If you know what you want to say, write it down in case you don't think you'll be able to get it all out. That way you'll make sure you don't miss anything important. The judge won't mind a bit if you just hand him a sheet with your points on it.
  13. I think it's also worth bearing in mind that before today almost everyone assumed that you couldn't rep in the BG anyway, and so probably didn't even try.
  14. I doubt anything can be done retrospectively, but it should be simple enough to fix moving forward.
  15. Dunno, still in the wheelie bin presumably. His mate wasn't so lucky however and got properly nabbed by the trap.
  16. Can't say that I did. My rep's turned off anyway so I don't tend to pay much attention to other people's either.
  17. Right enough, rep duly added! I'll bring it to the attention of the webmaster.
  18. Interesting. Rep certainly isn't supposed to count in the BG. Yours is currently sitting at 199. I'll rep you and see what happens...
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