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  1. Yes, but how would you categorise his music? I agree he's a brilliant songwriter, in fact I believe the songs he's written for other people have actually been more succesful for him than the stuff he's released himself - which is no mean feat!
  2. Just before Liberty X and just after Barenaked Ladies...why?
  3. I've been going through my music collection (50,000+ ) and came across something that's going to cause me sleepless nights if it isn't resolved correctly. I have 30 Neil Diamond albums that have been backed up to MP3. My problem is that I don't know how to categorise them. A lot of them seem to have been categorised as 'easy listening', but I don't think that's really appropriate. I think of easy listening as something like Dean Martin or Perry Como. Clearly Neil Diamond can't be categorised as 'Rock', because that would put him with Aerosmith, AC/DC etc., which only really leaves 'Pop'.
  4. You can add me to it. We'll see if my amazing supermod powers can help find the villain....
  5. ...or you could use a paypal credit card and get $10 back after the sale!
  6. The World's Greatest Music Collection - eBay (item 140206309501 end time Feb-21-08 06:00:00 PST)
  7. I always thought they were displayed in the order in which they logged on, with your own username always in the top left. just goes to show, you learn something new every day!
  8. Well, I currently have 6 drives, and rather than doing Raid 1 I'm happy to go on the assumption that when the drives do fail it probably won't be all at once. this means that if I use Raid 5 I'll just be able to swap out the faulty drive with a new one. I quite like the idea of a USB array actually. I like to collect DVDs you see, and since I have 6 children (five of them
  9. Oh, come on, soon you'll have more than that on your wee thumb drive...
  10. The problem with that is expandability. I'm planning for an eventual capacity of 10TB. If I can find a way to simply add more NAs devices as I need them it will be easier and a lot cheaper than runnig multiple servers - unless you know of a motherboard with a dozen SATA ports...
  11. Following on from my previous thread I have decided that I would like to implement Raid 5 for my storage needs. To do this, I intend to run a dedicated WinXP machine and use its dynamic disk functionality to run my array. That's the plan anyway. Currently all my storage is on NAS devices, so my question is: is it possible to set up NAS drives so that they can be turned into dynamic volumes under WinXP?. The idea is that the WinXP machine will have 2 gigabit ethernet cards (on seperate subnets), with one being used for the NAS devices and the other being used for user access. come on, someone o
  12. People who insist on telling me about "this amazing dream I had last night..."
  13. Sounds pretty dodgy to me. The watch still belongs to you no matter what. My first port of call would be the police. I would imagine that there's a reasonable chance that you're not the only one affected by this so the police may already be aware. You would have thought that the proprietor would have put a notice on the door with a contact number for people like you. You just have to hope he hasn't sold it to pay his debts!
  14. m afraid they can iand do ssue a deafault notice if you go a few months behind, and likewise they are (at the moment) entitled to keep it on your credit file for six years. Pages 3 & 4 do look like the default notice, but I'm not sure if all the terms are strictly correct. I'll ask someone with more knowledge of this to have a look. I think you will stand a reasonable chance of having the £1200 default reduced to £600, but to be honest the fact that you have a default at all is what will be wrecking your credit file, not the amount of the default.
  15. I think the problem you have is that you are in fact in default - be it for £600 or £1200 and I think you'll struggle to have the default removed completely. I think the most likely outcome is that if/when you get your charges back from them the default will be amended to £600, which will be marked as 'satisfied' only when the outstanding amount has been paid off. One possible scenario might be to
  16. Well, all these shows are affected by the writers' strike so that might have something to do with it. My wife's doing her nut because all the shows I downloads for her from the US have stopped! As for who Oceanic 6 are, we know three of them (Jack, Kate, Hurley), and other than that I think we can definitely discount Desmond.
  17. Right, I figured it out out. The 'first' part is actually a reallu useful recap of the entire story to date. This is known as S04E00. The real episode 1, S04E01 is the one I descrobes earlier.
  18. Well, if you never received a default notice from Amex then they should remove the default notice. That might be easier said than done however... I think if it were me I would be quite aggresive about it and give them 14 days to PROVE that they sent you the default notice, and then go straight to court if they can't. In reality though I would be expecting them to come up with something to say that they did send it, because these things tend to happen automatically. It's quite a tricky one really alexskord because you do seem to have been genuinely in default which means that in any
  19. When my wife went into labour with our second eldest I was somewhat the worse for wear with beer. After THE EVENT, when wifey was sleeping it off, they asked me about names and i was overcome with an almost irrestible urge to name her 'Thuank'... Fortunately the midwife (evil witch) insisted on consulting with my wife... My youngest, who is almost three is called Samia (pronouncied Sam-ia, as opposed to Sa-mia), which suits her very nicely because, for now, she's really cute. My son's best buddy is called Sunny, which I wish I'd thought of first. If I get the opportunity to name a ch
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